• AD5422 Output tied together with other AD5422

    I am using a DAC (AD5422) in an application where there is the possibility of a customer misusing this by tying all the analog outputs together, where the outputs are at different potentials, and possibly in different modes (-5V to +5VDC and 4-20mA).…

  • AD5422: What is the role of R27 Socket in AD5422's EVB?

    Would you please help explain the role of R27 Socket in AD5422's EVB?


    This is an optional resistor that can be inserted to over-range the output,
    this resistor is placed in parallel with the internal resistor R3, this has the
  • AD5422 not working


    I'm trying to get an AD5422 working. I can't get an output signal or register data from a readback.

     Here it the schematics I use:


    DVcc = 3.36V, AVdd = 11,93V, AVss = 0V, Clear = 0V;

    Vout stays always about 16mV.


    1. I removed IC13, R57 and…
  • AD5422 Power Sequencing?

    i currently have an evaluation board of the AD5422, and noticed that when i supply the AVdd first before the DVcc it only gives me an error of +/- 2mV(voltage output: 0-5V range) and when i supply DVcc first before AVdd it gives me an error of about 2V…

  • AD5422 SPI timing

    I have a question regarding the SPI timing for the AD5422 in Daisy Chain mode vs. Read/Write in normal standalone mode.  Here is a copy of the Timing characteristics from Rev O. of the datasheet:

    Question 1:  Why is T5 in write mode 5uS, while in daisy…

  • About AD5422

    Hi there,

    I have some question about AD5422.
    Would you give me some advice?

    According to the datasheet, AD5422 has a Aversion and Bversion.
    What are the differences between Aversion and Bversion.
    It looks like that Bversion has a better TUE spec.

  • AD5422 output issue


    Im trying to get the AD5422 to work but the output stays constant at 1V no matter what i write into the data register.

    The output is 0 to 5v range.

    This is my schematic:

    I connected -Vsense to ground and +Vsense to Vout but no change.

    My SPI looks…

  • AD5422 issue

    hi, Sir:

    I want to use AD5422 to export sinwave and change its amplitude like P1.

    But I find that the DAC output is like P2.

    Can you help me to solve this issue? thanks.

  • AD5422+stm32

    Help me please. may be i don't see something in apNote but  i don't understand how to work with ad5422.

    The listing of my programm is only:

    while (1)


  • AD5422: HART compatability

    Would you tell if AD5420/2 are HART compatible now? Some customer will
    integrate HART in application. But now they only have AD421 to use. If we may
    also promote this part to meet HART compatible now?


    The AD5420 has passed the HART…