• AD5422: What is the role of R27 Socket in AD5422's EVB?

    Would you please help explain the role of R27 Socket in AD5422's EVB?


    This is an optional resistor that can be inserted to over-range the output,
    this resistor is placed in parallel with the internal resistor R3, this has the
  • ad5422 비정상 동작


    The AD5422 is in use and the part is acting abnormally.

    It works normally at first, but then suddenly breaks down.

    I set the setting to output ±10V, but 11.5V is output and

    Negative voltage is not output. Please refer to the table

  • Configuring AD5422 Midscale Voltage output

    Hi Team,

    I am able to get 0-5V output range with AD5422 DAC, but I want to set the output range in the Midscale range (between 0.5-5V).

    I tried to configure CLEAR SELECT and CLEAR bit in the AD5422 Control register but the lowest output value is always…

  • AD5422: HART compatability

    Would you tell if AD5420/2 are HART compatible now? Some customer will
    integrate HART in application. But now they only have AD421 to use. If we may
    also promote this part to meet HART compatible now?


    The AD5420 has passed the HART…
  • AD5422: 3 pin SPI interface

    Regarding AD5422:

    Why does its SPI interface not have a chip select pin?

    There is a LATCH pin but it doesn't make the system SPI compatible.

    Without a chip select pin it impossible to use a device on a SPI bus together
  • AD5422 - Connecting multiple DVCC outputs together

    I want to use multiple AD5422 IC's, all with DVCC SELECT pin unconnected (use of internal LDO).

    Is it possible to connect all DVCC outputs together to get more current for external circuitry?
    Or do I have to use diodes to decouple DVCC output?


  • AD5422 DAC SPI reference designs - Verilog


    We are using 16-Bit DAC AD5422 from Analog devices in one of our proof-of-concept designs. We need to communicate to the DAC over SPI interface. Could you please provide the reference design for AD5422 DAC SPI communication(Verilog).

    Thanks & Regards…

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