• AD5422 daisy-chain output jumps

    I have two AD5422 in daisy-chain mode for 0~20mA. The MCU operates the first AD5422 through 3 optocouplers, with noncontinuous clock. By inserting proper software delays, it just works well. But suddenly I found the second AD5422 outputs erroneous current…

  • RE: AD5422输出100mA的电流的问题


  • Dual AD5422 DAC converter

    I´m desinging a dual analog output with 2 AD5422 IC´s. Can i join the pin 2 (DVCC) of the 2 AD5422, for suppling external electronic?


  • AD5422 - Transient voltage protection


    we want to use the AD5422 in single supply mode (AVDD=17VDC) with voltage and current output on same terminal.

    There is a input protection example in the datasheet of the AD5422 (page 37, figure 76).

    Right at the input terminal we want to use…

  • AD5422: 3 pin SPI interface

    Regarding AD5422:

    Why does its SPI interface not have a chip select pin?

    There is a LATCH pin but it doesn't make the system SPI compatible.

    Without a chip select pin it impossible to use a device on a SPI bus together
  • RE: ADUM1401CRWZ功耗

    The PLC_DEMO_SYSTEM had been thoroughly tested including the isolated analog output channels with ADUM1401 and AD5422. The ADUM1401 is not designed to run at its highest data rate on the PLC_DEMO_SYSTEM.  The working data rate might be less than 1MHz.…

  • AD5422用作电压输出时 外围电路怎么配置 只要单极性输出 ?

    AD5422用作电压输出时 外围电路怎么配置 只要单极性输出 ad5422的fault脚能悬空吗?AD5422适合用于伺服控制吗?谢谢

  • Supply IC specification for AD5422


    I consider supply ICs for AD5422.(AVDD=15V,AVSS=-15V for 0-20mA,0-5V,0-10V)

    AD5422 can set slew rate and some responses are required for  supply ICs.

    But I worry about  cases required quick response ( AD5422 's On/OFF,  reset ,etc)

    How specification…

  • About AD5422

    Hi there,

    I have some question about AD5422.
    Would you give me some advice?

    According to the datasheet, AD5422 has a Aversion and Bversion.
    What are the differences between Aversion and Bversion.
    It looks like that Bversion has a better TUE spec.