• RE: AD5421 + AD5700-1 wrong loop current and lack of modulation


    The hardware setup looks good to me. What SPI commands do you write on the AD5421? are you using direct readback on the fault register or just the auto fault read on the SDO line?

    I would also like to test it out without the big capacitors on the…

  • RE: AD5421 Power On Reset


    For similar schematics with AD5420, AD5421 and AD5700 I'm trying to determine load resistor.

    Please help me out.


    Nidhi P Shetty

  • ad5421

    你好 关于DAC的驱动



  • AD5421


  • How to use the "Load Regulation" parameter correctly? AD5421

    How to use the "Load Regulation" parameter correctly?
    It seems to me that load regulation is a decrease in the output voltage when the load current increases by 1 m A. If so, can I assume that with a load current of 20 mA on the REGout pin and…

  • Exposed Pad of AD5421


    I am working on laying out the AD5421 TSSOP-28 package.  I have been using the evaluation board for testing and want to replicate that design as much as possible. 

    When looking at the AD5421 evaluation board user guide (UG-250), Figure 7 shows…

  • AD5421 current impulses on SPI writes


    I cyclically write to Control register with values 0x75A0 or 0x74A0. Right after that I write a new DAC code. 

    I alway see current impulse on the HCF_TOOL-31 output during "Noise during silence" test conditions (see picture below) right after SPI exchange…

  • AD5421输出不正常



    1 电磁隔离电路

    图2 AD5421输出电路


    通过线性稳压电源Agilent E3631A提供提供+24V电源(限流40mA)给4~20mA输出模块供电。将小型校验仪串联接入24V电源供电电路,通过小型校验仪观察输出电流。


    1. 用仿真器调试时:

    输出小电流时(4mA~9mA),输出稳定但不精确(比如设定输出7mA,实际输出7.1016 mA…

  • AD5421

    Hi,when read the datasheet of AD5421,with its REGout current is 3.15mA, How can We get the 6mA current so that to drive the outside circuit,please give some advises,thanks.

  • AD5421 low loop current support


    Our customer is currently using AD421 for the GAS detector(sensor node) application, but the customer requested to review AD5421 for price issue.

    AD421 is being used in the range under 3.2mA(0mA, 2mA, 3mA), but I want to make sure if AD5421 is applicable…