• AD5421输出电压


  • AD5421 grades


    In (AD5421) TUE = Gain + Offset + output drift over temperature + INL

    We can remove gain and offset error as per datasheet.

    So after doing this TUE = output drift over temperature (5ppm FSR /°C ) +INL (0.024% FSR) for A grade (AD5421ACPZ)) and…

  • About AD5421 Iloop under condition


    My customer is using AD5421, loop power is 24V, now they set the current to 10.2mA,they gradually increased the load RL until the current is drop to 10mA, but the Iloop under bit of the fault register is still at default value , could you pls give…

  • AD5421 Loop supply disconnection impact on registers

    Hi Team

    I'm using AD5421 in my design. In working condition of DAC (When both loop supply and MCU power is available). I'm able to see proper control register value and fault register value is zero.

    When Loop supply is disconnected and MCU power…

  • AD5420 and AD5421 DAC update rate


    I'm using AD5421 and AD5420 in my design.

    I have found one observation with respect to both DAC code update rate. I have attached a video file below.

    Click here to play this video

    Here I was setting 4mA, 8mA, 12mA continuously through code. But change between these values…

  • AD5421- MISO Lines State

    Hello Team, 

                      I am using AD5421 in my design, I have below queries on SPI


               I will provide IODVDD to AD5421, but loop power is not given 

    What will be the state of MISO lines, whether SPI sections of IC works?

  • Initializing the AD5421

    Hello, I am working with the AD5421 Eval Board, and I was wondering about how to make sure the AD5421_Init() function provided in the drivers for the device is working properly. More specifically, I want to ensure that the AD5421_SetRegisterValue() function…

  • AD5421 in 3-wire circuit

    I have an existing circuit using the AD5421 as a 2-wire loop-powered transmitter.  It has a CPU, LCD display, sensor ADC, and an AD5700 for Hart transmission.  Works great.

    My customer wants to add additional circuitry that would only be used if the device…

  • AD5421 loop current


    I'm using AD5421 in my design.

    When I'm powering on my board. I was powering MCU power first and then the loop power(24V). Initial response of 3.2mA and 4mA was fine. But when I changed it to 8mA, I saw 8mA for 1 or 2secs and then it changed back…

  • Tying LDAC pin of AD5421 low

    Using the AD5421, in order to write data to the DAC register, there are two options depending on the LDAC pin is tied low or high. On low, it data is written to the Input Shift Register on chip select low and held there until chip select high, when it…