• AD5421: Intrinsic safety - voltage / capacitance minimizing

    A customer request design support for intrinsic safety.

    He needs to minimize the capacitance inside the system. As a basis he uses the
    Evalboard and an own PCB based on the datasheet:

    Question: Which capacitors can be shrinked without loss off function…

  • AD5421 Supply Pin Configuration


    Can the either REG_OUT or DVDD outputs of the AD5421 be used to drive the IODVDD supply pin?



    The AD5421 is a loop powered 4 to 20mA Iout DAC. It accepts a loop voltage up to 60V (typically…


    Dear Sir, we made the circuit attached using the AD5421. 

    The loop power is 24V and I use for testing a 120ohm resistor.

    Setting of the device is done for 4 to 20mA.

    SPI is decoupled using the ADUM 3151 with a clock of 78KHz.

    Everything is working, the…

  • EVAL-AD5421 loop current setting using evaluation software

    I did the hardware settings based on "POWER SUPPLIES" and "LINK OPTIONS" instructions in UG-250.

    I installed the evaluation software.

    What are steps to output the current from LOOP- in evaluation software GUI?

  • AD5421 Si revisions and influence on HART tests

    I try to finalize our development with AD5700 connected to AD5421. Therefore I
    am now on the way to fulfill the HART Hardwarelayer specifications. I did the
    Physical-layer-test from the HART-Foundation (official document “Test-2.pdf” …

  • FAQ: Where can I find more information on the combination of the AD5700, AD5421 & ADuCM360 as a smart transmitter circuit?

    The HART enabled Smart Transmitter Demo circuit,  DEMO-AD5700D2Z, developed by ADI, has been compliance tested, verified and registered as an approved HART solution by the HART Communication Foundation. The registration certificate is available from the…

  • AD5421输出4mA电流偏差的问题

    开发板上因功耗问题,AD5421输出12V电压,使用了一个LTC3388 DCDC转换器为全板提供3…

  • AD5421 Chip select and MISO


    I'm using AD5421 in my design.

    SPI that I'm using for AD5421 is shared with other device(ADC, another DAC) as well. 

    Whenever I'm using AD5421 I'm ensuring that I have disabled other device using CS to avoid bus contention in MISO.

  • RE: AD5421 Datacode and output current issue

    only change AD5421,different Datacode, same PCBA