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  • AD5421 grades


    In (AD5421) TUE = Gain + Offset + output drift over temperature + INL

    We can remove gain and offset error as per datasheet.

    So after doing this TUE = output drift over temperature (5ppm FSR /°C ) +INL (0.024% FSR) for A grade (AD5421ACPZ)) and…

  • AD5421

    Hi,when read the datasheet of AD5421,with its REGout current is 3.15mA, How can We get the 6mA current so that to drive the outside circuit,please give some advises,thanks.

  • ad5421

    你好 关于DAC的驱动



  • AD5421 : Cin pin

    I have a question about the Cin pin of AD5421.

    I want to input not the HART FSK signal but an original FSK signal to this pin.

    The signal is a square wave of ±0.5mA and 600Hz.

    Is it possible to use this signal for a communication that uses AD5421?

  • DAC AD5421


    What's the difference between the commands "Write to DAC register" and "Load DAC"?
    Do I need to execute both of them, so that the output current is changed?


  • Externally powered AD5421


    In my scheme there is an internal power supply 3.3 V. I connected it hrough the decoupling diodes to the tied together terminals IODVDD and DVDD.
    While debugging, I found that in the absence of loop powering digital part works, but the analog pa…

  • Initializing the AD5421

    Hello, I am working with the AD5421 Eval Board, and I was wondering about how to make sure the AD5421_Init() function provided in the drivers for the device is working properly. More specifically, I want to ensure that the AD5421_SetRegisterValue() function…

  • AD5421 supplies


    I want to use the AD5421 for a loop powered 4-20mA application, but I don't want to use the internal regulators to supply the digital section of the device, I just want to make sure that I can leave the DVDD and REGOUT pins open if I already have…

  • For the AD5421: If there is no loop power applied, and yet there are voltages on the digital pins, can there be damage to the AD5421?

    We are using an AD5421 to construct a 4-20 mA loop. The overall architecture we have have includes the use of a microprocessor to communicate with the AD5421 through its SPI port. Originally we were powering the microprocessor with DVDD. However we found…