• [Error li1050]   Initial definition:     '.\Release\AD5420.doj'         Attempted redefinition: '.\Debug\AD5420.doj'





    [Error li1050]  '_AD5420ReadControlReg' ('AD5420ReadControlReg'): Multiply defined symbol in processor 'P0'.

            Initial definition:     '.\Release\AD5420.doj'…

  • RE: AD8226 Output

    Hi Nidhi P Shetty

    Can you recheck your connections at AD8226's input pins because the voltage at IN+ should be constant and equal to your AD5420's AVDD.
    I would think that you're connecting the AD8226's IN+ and IN- to AD5420's R3Sense pin and BOOST…

  • RE: AD5420 Output range shifts up by tens to hundreds of milliAmps

    Hello: I am re-opening this thread almost 2 years later, because back in 2018, we were planning to replace the AD5420 with the old AD420.  This plan was cancelled.  In the meantime, the problems with the AD5420 seemed to abate. We attributed this to a change…

  • RE: AD5420 No Output.


    I've replaced AD5420 IC with new AD5420 still result is same. voltages on REFIN and REFOUT are 0V and 5V  respectively.

  • AD5420 Ground pin select

    Hello ADI team.


    According to the UG-441, AD5420's ground pin is devided AGND to DGND. However, AD5420 is not described separately in AGND and DGND in its Datasheet. If I use the AD5420, how will should I use any GND pin?

  • Do you have reference source code of AD5420?

    Hi ADI

    I have new project using by AD5420 for 0-20mA solution.

    So I want to pre-view the reference source code.

    Do you have reference source code of AD5420?


  • RE: AD5421 in 3-wire circuit


    You will have to look for another part which is AD5420.

    So the 3 wires are:






  • RE: Eval-AD5420/22EBZ


    If you order an AD5422 you will receive a board with the AD5422 populated. Likewise is you order an AD5420 board the AD5420 will be populated.  The PCB layout is the same for both boards however on the required power blocks are soldered on the relevant…

  • AD5422: HART compatability

    Would you tell if AD5420/2 are HART compatible now? Some customer will
    integrate HART in application. But now they only have AD421 to use. If we may
    also promote this part to meet HART compatible now?


    The AD5420 has passed the HART…