• [Error li1050]   Initial definition:     '.\Release\AD5420.doj'         Attempted redefinition: '.\Debug\AD5420.doj'





    [Error li1050]  '_AD5420ReadControlReg' ('AD5420ReadControlReg'): Multiply defined symbol in processor 'P0'.

            Initial definition:     '.\Release\AD5420.doj'…

  • AD5420和AD5421的区别是什么?AD5420是否能采用共地接法?


  • RE: low signal from AD5420

    Hi Andrey,

    When you're measuring the voltage at Iout, you should do it across an RL, a typical value here is 500 ohm. 

    Can you send scope shots of your voltage measurements?

    Best regards,


  • AD5420 problem


    I am using a AD5420 how in image

    , but the output is always constant. In code, I send the next words:

    LATCH = 0;

    delay of 100ns

    01010101 -adress byte (control register)

    00010000 - control register

    00000101 - define mode 4 to 20mA

    delay of…

  • RE: AD5420工作温度高


  • AD5420 Power supplies

    Will the AD5420 performance meet the specifications under the following conditions?

    AVDD 24V

    DVCC 3.3V

    External Reference 5V

    ( Can the External Reference be more than the digital supply? )



  • AD5420 FAULT issue

    Hello. I am consulting for a client based in US. We have designed a device for them that is based on a D/A converter (AD5420), which is supposed to output a 4~20 mA signal to a variable valve to regulate pressure and flow.

    Electronically, I am using…

  • AD5420输出




  • AD5420 HART output


    I'm using AD5420 in above mentioned configuration. I've interfaced AD5700-1 HART modem with AD5420.

    I'm providing Hart out from modem to CAP2 pin not RSET. RSET pin is just having 15K resistor to ground which is not shown here.

    In all…

  • AD5420 Daisy Chain Issue

    I tried to use the following schematic to set AD5420 working in daisy-chain mode.

    When the print circuit board was produced, I wrote driver code to make it work. It seems that the dirver can work properly, because the content of Control Register, readed…