• AD5412 Incorrect Current Output

    I have implemented an AD5412 into the carrier board of an industrial gas analyzer that I am designing.  This assembly is in the BETA phase.  Initial bench and environmental chamber tests were very favorable but after 3 months in our applications lab under…

  • AD5412, an overrange function


    I'd like to know '10% overrange function' of AD5412.

    Which does the '10% ' mean,  ±10%(totally 20%) or ±5%(totally 10%)?

    Which does the ±10V range expand to,  ±11V  or ±10.5V?

  • AD5412 External Boost Function

    Hello, I am using the AD5412AREZ with the external boost transistor.  I have connected the output and the boost transistor as recommended on page 34 of the AD5412 datasheet.  I have searched for an explanation for the 1K resistor and .022uf capacitor shown…

  • some question about AD5412


    I have some question about AD5412


    As i see in the datasheet i can connect "Io" and "Vo". just need a buffer .

    your recommended buffer is  Dual Op-amp .

    I don't need bipolar output range (-5~+5 ,-10~+10) because i don't have…

  • AD5412 daisy chain trouble


    I got a task to repair some boards my colleague used AD5412 for current loops. But I met problem with daisy-chaining these devices. I am a little bit confused of right configuring these devices to daisy-chain mode, because I am doing it probably…

  • AD5412 Datasheet clarification needed

    It seems that I have been used an old data sheet, (Rev F) instead of the current (Rev I).

    What I have noticed is a change in the section "Voltage and Current on the same pin" (page 37).

    The difference seems to be the text "It is important…

  • Problems with AD5412 (no output)

    Having a problem with AD5412.

    Regardless what I send to it, I get no output what so ever.

    I can read back all registers and verifying that I can communicate with it.

    Initially I have had a broken connection between pin 1 and ground, (its a breadboard…

  • AD5412/AD5422 - Compensation capacitor vs settling time

    I read in AD5412/AD5422 datasheet that adding compensation capacitor reduces the bandwidth of the output amplifier and increase settling time.
    Would it be possible to have more quantitative information about the COMP capacitor impact on settling…

  • AD5412 Voltage Reference out of specification

    Hello, ADI expert,

    It is regarding to AD5412 design, the application uses as unipolar voltage output with +15V/0V/0V (AVDD/GND/AVSS) supply voltage.

    When customer checked the AD5412 internal REFOUT is 4.900V that was below min specification. 

    I would…

  • AD5412/AD5422 - loss of independent digital supply



    In my case, I plan to use the AD5412 with two independent power supplies : 

     - A +3,3V digital supply coming from one source (source #1)

     - A +/-15V dual supplies coming from another source (source #2)


    Both sources are independent. Here after…