• AD5412 external Boost function

    if I want to use AD5412 external boost function, what do I need to take care?

    I used NPN transistor 2N3904, but Iout was abnormal(above 20mA).

    When I removed boost related schematic, AD5412 Iout is normally. Is anything I missing?

    Data sheet is suggestion…

  • AD5412 no Vout

    AD5412AREZ can not work. My schematic as follow:

    • N.M. is Not Mount
    • Use internal DVCC

    Do you recommend about the schematic? 

    I used 625kHz SPI to sent data to AD5412 is follow:

    1. write 0x560001 to input shift register
    2. write 0x551001 to input…
  • RE: AD5412 Incorrect Current Output

    One more question.  When the AD5412 is put into Vout mode, what happens at the Iout pin?

  • RE: Problems with AD5412 (no output)

    Hi there,

    From your description of pin1 to ground, I am assuming you are using the TSSOP part? And has the VSS node since been repaired? Can you send on a schematic sketch of your AD5412 connections? Do you have more than 1 AD5412 device? The command…

  • AD5412 with I and V out on same pin

    We are looking to use the AD5412 with I and V out going to the same pin.  I notice they call out using a buffer amplifier on the V+sense line in this case.  Our device has an input range of 12 to 30V which will be used to power the AD5412 as well the V…

  • RE: AD5421 "Vo" doesn't change!

    I even change AD5412 with new one but still have problem .

    Analog Supports do you have any idea about my problem .!


    What are absolute maximum ratings of FAULT -pin in AD5412?

    Is it possible to connect it to +24VDC for example through 2k2 resistor + LED(opto coupler) in serie?

  • AD5412 output voltage range

    What is AD5412 output voltage (VOUT pin) range when device is used 0-10V
    unipolar mode. AVDD=11V and AVSS= 0V? What is output voltage swing from supply
    rail  (0V level and 10V level)? I'm not able to figure this out from datasheet.


  • RE: AD5412, an overrange function

    Hi james13,

    The 10% is an overall increase on the range. For example, for 0-10V range, the overrange will increase the output up to 11V and for +/-10V range it would be +/-11V.

    Best regards,


  • RE: AD5412 output dropped!

    Can you monitor the CLEAR signal on the scope as you trigger this event to occur with your screw-driver please? If the part is somehow getting a clear signal, it is reacting as it should to the input it is given.