• AD5412: Connect the AD5412/AD5422's Iout and Vout pins directly together

    Is it possible to connect the AD5412/AD5422's Iout and Vout pins together, as
    is possible with the AD5755?


    The AD5422's Iout and Vout can be connected together but to prevent additional
    errors in Iout mode there are some pre-requisites…

  • AD5412 unused pins

    Hi all,

    We are using AD5412 in our design. We are using only the voltage output in one application and in another application only current output is used.

    Please let me know how to take care of the unused pins in both cases.

    Thanks in advance.


  • AD5412 output voltage range

    What is AD5412 output voltage (VOUT pin) range when device is used 0-10V
    unipolar mode. AVDD=11V and AVSS= 0V? What is output voltage swing from supply
    rail  (0V level and 10V level)? I'm not able to figure this out from datasheet.


  • AD5412 no Vout

    AD5412AREZ can not work. My schematic as follow:

    • N.M. is Not Mount
    • Use internal DVCC

    Do you recommend about the schematic? 

    I used 625kHz SPI to sent data to AD5412 is follow:

    1. write 0x560001 to input shift register
    2. write 0x551001 to input…
  • AD5412 ref problems

    Hi all!

    I use AD5412 in my design in all modes (current and voltage) with internal reference. I use two ICs in daysi chane mode (both in the same mode the same time).

    I got two problems:

    1. In 2 of 8 ICs not working bipolar voltage mode, ie when i…

  • AD5412 output dropped!



    I have written another post about this issue but the main title typed wrong and i couldn't edit .

    So i decided post new discussion .


    Problem :

    Actually AD5412 works apparently correct ( I mean I send the command and proportionate voltage…

  • AD5412 - DAC current output monitoring

    Hi all,


    I plan to use the AD5412 as configurable current or voltage output interface implicated in a safety function. Because of safety constraints, I have to add a diagnostic to my function in ordre to verify the current/voltage that is actually outputted…

  • AD5412 external Boost function

    if I want to use AD5412 external boost function, what do I need to take care?

    I used NPN transistor 2N3904, but Iout was abnormal(above 20mA).

    When I removed boost related schematic, AD5412 Iout is normally. Is anything I missing?

    Data sheet is suggestion…

  • Reverse polarity protection for AD5412


    i am successfully using an AD5412 in my design. The user can connect 3 wires:

    - 24 V (industrial power supply)

    - GND (ground from power supply)

    - Output (4-20mA or 2-10V)

    If the user connects the wires accidentally in a wrong way the AD5412 gets…

  • AD5412 Incorrect Current Output

    I have implemented an AD5412 into the carrier board of an industrial gas analyzer that I am designing.  This assembly is in the BETA phase.  Initial bench and environmental chamber tests were very favorable but after 3 months in our applications lab under…