• AD5412: Connect the AD5412/AD5422's Iout and Vout pins directly together

    Is it possible to connect the AD5412/AD5422's Iout and Vout pins together, as
    is possible with the AD5755?


    The AD5422's Iout and Vout can be connected together but to prevent additional
    errors in Iout mode there are some pre-requisites…

  • AD5412 output voltage range

    What is AD5412 output voltage (VOUT pin) range when device is used 0-10V
    unipolar mode. AVDD=11V and AVSS= 0V? What is output voltage swing from supply
    rail  (0V level and 10V level)? I'm not able to figure this out from datasheet.


    On the…

  • AD5412/AD5422


  • Reverse polarity protection for AD5412


    i am successfully using an AD5412 in my design. The user can connect 3 wires:

    - 24 V (industrial power supply)

    - GND (ground from power supply)

    - Output (4-20mA or 2-10V)

    If the user connects the wires accidentally in a wrong way the AD5412 gets…

  • AD5412菊花链配置4片,4-20mA,配置范围受温度影响






  • AD5412 daisy chain trouble


    I got a task to repair some boards my colleague used AD5412 for current loops. But I met problem with daisy-chaining these devices. I am a little bit confused of right configuring these devices to daisy-chain mode, because I am doing it probably…

  • Dose AD5412 +Vsense pin can tolerant 30V while AVDD is 12V ?

    I use a diode to isolate AD5412 Vout to achieve higher voltage tolerance .To compensate the Vf  +Vsense pin must tied to other side of the diode. ?AVDD is 12V , I'm not sure +Vsense pin  can tolerant  higher voltage above AVDD. In some cases +Vsense pin…

  • Dose AD5412 output pin can tolerant 30V while I use a single 12V power supply to achieve 0-10V output range?

    In my design AD5412 output pin is tied to another device output pin directly, and its active output is 30V. According the datasheet if I use 30V for the AD5412 AVDD it would be no problem, but I'm not sure what could happen if a single 12V AVDD is…

  • RE: AD5412 unused pins

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