• Does the eleventh pin of AD5410 need to be connected to the anolog gnd?

    I am layouting  ad5410, but i have a question about the eleventh pin of AD5410.Do i need to connect it to the anolog gnd? Or it  is the output reference gnd.

  • AD5410 Not Responding

    I have an AD5410 I am trying to communication with.  The Avdd voltage is 12VDC and Dvcc is 3.3VDC.  Dvcc SEL has been grounded even though it isn't shown in the schematic.  

    I am simply trying to configure the AD5410 with output enabled and range of…

  • AD5410, necessary interval between RESET command and available to control registers write


    Page.20 of AD5410 Datasheet says,  "simply issue a reset command to the AD5410 after power-on.

    This performs a power-on reset event, reading the calibration registers and ensuring specified operation of the AD5410."


    Our question is…

  • Lack of SPI slave select


    I was considering using several AD5410 instead of a complex AD5735 in my circuit but I've found out that AD5410 does not come with a SPI slave select. Is there another way to individually control each converter in a single SPI bus?

    Thanks, …

  • RE: Output Short Circuit Protection of AD5410

    Hi Tracey.

    Thanks for the reply. I have understood now.

    There is another question...

    I'm planning to use Thermally conductive Gap Filler Pad, between the AD5410 top surface & to the aluminium body,So that the heat generated by the AD5410 does not…

  • RE: Problem with AD5410

    Hi Agni teja,

    That is good news that you were able to get the AD5410 up and running.

    Now, to tackle your final query:

    Upon power-on of the AD5410, the power-on reset circuit ensures that all registers are loaded with zero code. As such, the output…

  • Information on interfacing AD5700 HART Modem and AD5420 DAC

    Where can I get information on interfacing the AD5700 HART Modem and the AD5410/20 current output DAC?

  • RE: As for your HART DAC AD5410

    Hi Kaos,

    The AD5410 does not have user adjustable gain however the AD5755 products do have user adjustable gain and offset registers.

    If the AD5410 is required, he will need to use a larger range (0 to 24mA) and calibrate it (using DAC codes) to get…

  • RE: looking for current DAC


    So the max output of the AD5410 product is 24mA.  The AD5410 is not a programmable voltage to current converter but a complete system solution.  If you already have a voltage that you can vary as an input one of our current drivers may be a better…