• Problem with AD5410

    I have been configuring AD5410 for one of my application.

    Specification :

    Input voltage : 23 VDC - AVDD

    Input volgae : 3.3 VDC- DVDD

    Output load : 330 Ohm 1/2 watt resistor.

    During the initial stages I'm facing the following problem.

    1. I…

  • AD5410的输出


  • AD5410 Not Responding

    I have an AD5410 I am trying to communication with.  The Avdd voltage is 12VDC and Dvcc is 3.3VDC.  Dvcc SEL has been grounded even though it isn't shown in the schematic.  

    I am simply trying to configure the AD5410 with output enabled and range of…

  • AD5410 daisy chain


    is it possbile to read out Registers from several daisy chained AD5410's, becuase readback operation in daisy chain mode is not described in the data sheet?



  • ad5410输出

    问题2 :如何使 Iout与GND由开路变为通路就输出固定电流值 ? 比如10mA

  • AD5410 communication problem

    I'm trying to communicate with AD5410 and not getting the response I'm expecting.  I'm currently just trying to set the control register and read back the control register but I'm not getting any response.  Also not seeing 4ma on the output…

  • AD5410 Iout Fault

    I've got an AD5410 set up essentially as described in AN-1242 with the exception of running the R3SENSE and BOOST outputs back to my microcontroller ADCs for feedback and that I've tied CLEAR to GND.  AVDD = 24Vdc.  

    For test purposes, I've tried…

  • AD5410输出问题




  • AD5410输出问题



  • AD5410 Iout drop issue

    Hi, ADI Team

    We implement AD5410 as our solution and recently have occurred a issue that the Iout drop to zero randomly.

    Attached is our schematic, we have these design as below:

    1. use internal LDO(DVcc)

    2. use internal Rset

    3. Set Iout range 4mA…