• DDS using AD5390?

    Is it possible to do DDS with the AD5390 or do I need additional components. I would really like to use the AD5390 as it has 16 channels with simultaneous update. 

    Thank you in advance. 

  • using AD5390 in SPI mode when DCEN is not connected

    Hi, I am working with a legacy circuit in which the AD5390's DCEN/AD1 input was not tied either high or low. The design was suppose to operate in standalone mode for an SPI bus. Is there any guarantee that the AD5390 will operate in SPI standalone mode…

  • AD5390 and I2C ?


    Does anybody have tried to use I2C bus with a AD5390 ?

    I'm trying to do so with a raspberry pi but got no answer from e device.  I have other

    devices connected to the bus which are answering (DS1631, DS3231M), I'm using

    wiringpi library…

  • RE: Amplification of output voltage

    Hi Ken,

    I apologize, I had a mistype in my previous response. I believe he is using the AD5930 instead of the AD5390.



  • RE: AD5390 monitor pins

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  • RE: AD5390 No Output Voltage

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  • RE: SPI Interface to AD5390

    Hi Sasha,

    A few items that you could check:

    • On SPI (1), the A_N/B (bit 24) should be set to "0" when toggle mode is disabled.
    • You should not toggle the CLR pin every time you send an SPI frame.
    • The data should be valid on the falling…
  • AD5390 in daisy chain mode

    I am trying to access the DAC that has daisy chain mode enabled. I can communicate with it when it disabled. The communication path is fine.

    Once daisy chain is enabled there is no response from the DAC at all.

    Would it be possible for anyone to give…

  • AD5930 evaluation software running on Windows 7

    The Evaluation software works well with windows XP but not with Windows 7. How
    do I make it work with Windows 7 ?


    Use evaluation software Rev 1.7 or later. The latest revision of AD5390
    evaluation board software can be downloaded from…
  • AD5390输出为0无法正常输出,Reset后正常