• AD539



    I would like to build a very good programmable gain amplifier going from 10kHz to 10MHz with minimum phaseshift and minimum gain-error. I think the AD539 is a good candidate - but what is its error? According to Analog Devices selectiontable…

  • AD539 Unused Channel?


    I am using the AD539 in my desing, but I only need to use one of the two channels.

    How do I terminate the unused channel on inputs and outputs.



  • AD539  spice model needed


    i immediately need spice model for AD539

    1.can Analog help in providing one, ? or if it is not

    2. or if it is not avialable , is there any alternate multiplier IC which can do the same job with same bandwidth

    3. or even if alterative is not available…

  • AD539 Spice model

    Original Question: AD539 Spice model by HM72


    Could you provide AD539 spice model?

    Verified Answer: RE: AD539 Spice model by ezadminThis question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now…

  • Temperature dependence of gain performance about AD834, AD734 and AD539

    Hello Support-team,

    I'm DFAE in Japan. I have received a question about a temperature dependence of gain performance of AD834. The customer evaluated AD834 and he satisfied the linearity. But the temperature dependence of gain was not enough for him.…

  • 关于二象限乘法器AD539的一些疑问







  • AD539没有spice模型,该如何仿真,Multisim里也没有此仿真器件


  • RE: -1/Vin function with multiplier or divider chip

    Hi Monse,

    I was looking on some of our multipliers/dividers product and found a few devices that can cater your supply rails requirements. AD834, AD835,  AD538 and AD539 however, there are no exact configuration on how to achieve your transfer function…