• AD5383: Pin connections

    A. SER/PAR' pin should it be connected to DGND?
    B. Where should I connect REF_GND and REFOUT/REFIN pins?
    C. FIFO_EN pin should it be connected to DGND?
    D. Where should I connect MON_OUT & mON_IN (1-4) pins?
    E. Where should I connect SDOUT…

  • AD5383-5 maximum current that can be supplied by each voltage output?

    I would like to ask if the short circuit current of 40mA is the maximum current
    that the voltage output can provide or if it is just the 1mA marked as load


    The specified load for each channel is +/-1mA. This means that if your circuit…

  • Fifo timing details ad5383?

    The datasheet (rev D) on the ad5383 seems to mention very little on the timing of the parallel data transfer in Fifo mode. From fig7 is seems that I need to wait t9=700ns between two write pulses which seems very long and seems to be in disagreement with…

  • RE: AD5380, AD5381, AD5382 and AD5383 evaluation board software commands

    This question has been closed by the EZ team and is assumed answered.
  • How to write/control of each channel in AD5380 & AD5383


    My customer are considering to use AD5380 (DAC with 40Ch) or AD5383 (DAC with 32ch) in their system

    They were used AD5370 and AD5370 has a channel addressing table (with address information of each channel) in it's datasheet.

    And they used…

  • AD5383 having difficulty getting an output using SPI


    I bought EVAL-AD5383 (obsolete) and I am trying to use SPI to communicate to the DAC.

    A little history on my experience using Analog Devices DAC:

    I have previously evaluated AD5371 using an eval board and then prototyped a design using microcontroller…

  • 数模芯片AD5383使用中遇到的问题


        您好!最近购买了你们数模芯片AD5383和其他别的芯片(共计几千元,用于新项目的研发中),在使用AD5383中,数据无法更新,发现LOAD引脚上电就是高电平,那我还怎么把它置低写入数据呢,我使用的是SPI通信,目前卡在这个地方了,数据无法加载到输出引脚,很是苦恼,还希望你们能够提供技术支持 ,谢谢了!


  • AD5383-5 maximum current that can be supplied by every voltage output?


    I'm new here so I introduce myself. My name is Pep Canyelles, an electrical and electronic engineer working at the moment in a research institute.

    Currently we are designing a PCB board to control an array opf 64 LD VCSELs as part of a Marie…

  • How to estimate my DAC's power consumption?


    Our part numbers are AD5391-3 and AD5383-3. Though we are using AD5391-5 and AD538-5, here, i only want to use AD5391-3 as example to ask my questions.

    1. What's the mean of "boost off" and "boost on"? How can I know if my chips are in boost on…