• AD5372 Weird intermittent behaviour

    My AD5372 chip started to not work properly. The BUSY line stays most of the time down and it does not accept any commands, not even RESET.
    Sometimes it comes back online, and sometimes it stays down for multiple power down cycles.

    Is it a known / fixable…

  • AD5372



           1、nBUSY信号的定义中解释为Digital Input/Open-Drain Output,请问该信号作为输入或者输出是否需要进行配置,如果需要配置应该在何处进行。


  • AD5372 Power Sequence

    I have an circuit that uses the AD5372 DAC with VDD = +15V, VSS = -15V, and DVCC = +3.3V.  Are there any sequencing requirements for these rails?



  • AD5372 questions

    I am designing a product with an AD5372 DAC. I am having a couple of problems. I would

    really appreciate if an expert from Analog could help me out with this.

    1) the DAC outputs are not monotonous and seem to make no sense compared to the


  • AD5372 LFCSP

    The datasheet says the exposed paddle should be connected to Vss. Other datasheets say ground. Which is correct?

  • AD5372 Control Register

    What is the 24 bit serial data string assignment for the AD5372 Control Register?

    I must toggle the A/B Global Select Bit to be able to select X2A or X2B.

    Not much information on the data sheet re.the Control (3 bits), OFS0 (14 bits), OFS1 (14 bits) or…

  • Alsa driver for AD5372


    I have been googling for a while to try to find the best way to use the AD5372 with a linux board.

    I want that the DAC outputs 32 channels of "audio" signal but limited to a 1kHz sample rate. So it looks like it is possible and that an Alsa driver…

  • Failing AD5372 DACs

    I designed low noise 32-channel DAC modules for ion-trap applications.

    And we observe that on some of the boards the DAC consumes much higher current on negative rail than specified.

    I measure 60mA, this current heats the chip significantly and gets…

  • AD5372 Application Note



    Do you have app note for this device to use up to 32 channels on the layout caution?



  • AD5372 serial interface question

    If the Sync line is held high on the AD5372, but SCLK and SDI  are still changing will there be any ramifications on the DAC outputs?