• Eval-ad5370 device tree questions


    I am new to AD537x DACs. Currently I want to control the evaluation board eval-ad5370 via SPI directly with my Raspberry Pi 4. I built the kernel (wiki.analog.com/.../raspberrypi) and add the Linux iio drivers for Eval-ad5370 via "make menuconfig…

  • Bulk Write to AD5370 via SPI

    1. Based on what I understood from https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/AD5370.pdf SPI Write Mode on page 21. I am attempting to write to AD5370 at the maximum speed possible. According to the documentation, it states that. The…
  • EVAL-AD5370 Linux Drivers

    I posted previously but didn't perhaps specify that I am looking for Linux drivers to use the EVAL-AD5370 via the USB micro controller. Specifically I could like to use Python, however, the first step is to get the Linux driver.

  • LabView Driver for AD5370 Eval Board?

    Hello, is there a LabView Driver available, or a way to control through LabView, the Eval board for the AD5370 40 channel DAC?  If not with LabView, is there another way (other than the Analog Devices simple control panel) to programmatically change the…

  • EVAL AD5370 and Analog synthesizers

    Dear Forum,

    I`m very new to analog/digital electronics, just started to learn it in my spare time, a few weeks ago. My goal is to experiment with generating control voltages (CV) to control my analog (Eurorack Format) synthesizers.

    So, first things first…

  • AD5370 : How to readback register?


    I want to readback AD5370 regsiter (X1A,M,C).

    I use special function mode , but Cannnot read register.

    When sending a command for reading, the transmitted command
    I will return as it is.

    Please advice me.

  • AD5370 Compiled .so Linux Drivers

    I have been using an AD5370 DAC with Windows using Python and the DLL to control the device. I have moved to a Linux system and am looking for a compiled Linux Driver (.so) to enable me to transfer my code across with minimal changes/work.


  • EVAL-AD5370 J3 Connector and SPI


    The documentation states that EVAL-AD5370 can be used in a standalone mode by using your own microcontroller by removing  LK1, LK3 and LK8 pins for a full GPIO based control. I am trying to use a Raspberry Pi 3 (B+) Rev 1.2 to work with the board…

  • EVAL-AD5370 Setup and Getting Started

    Hello ADI Community,


    I am brand new to AD, and AD DAC's I came here to use 5370 to create 40 analog out device to control 40 channels of different 1000Hz signals. I bought the EVAL board in order to avoid working on the chip and use the pinouts…

  • Does the AD5370 support Pb-free?

    Does the AD5370 support Pb-free?