• Logic Level for AD5370 working with a 3v3 Microcontroller

    This might be a bit specific and probably a bit offtopic, but here it goes. I am trying to use AD5370 as my SPI downstream device with Teensy 4.0 a 3v3 Logic Level Microcontroller. According to the AD5370 documentation, it can work at 2.5 V LVTTL-compatible…

  • AD5370 Performance

    I have been playing around with AD5370 through various methods, and I simply cannot get a high-performance throughput from it. What I mean is the time taken to update a voltage on the DAC output pin. Through various experiments via various approaches…

  • Bulk Write to AD5370 via SPI

    1. Based on what I understood from https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/AD5370.pdf SPI Write Mode on page 21. I am attempting to write to AD5370 at the maximum speed possible. According to the documentation, it states that. The…
  • AD5370: Data Input Format

    AD5370's datasheet has no information on the data input format, can you advise?


    The input format is straight binary. 0x0000 will give -4V and 0xFFFF will give
    +8V with a 3V reference and default conditions. Page 17 of the data sheet…
  • AD5370 Offset DACs

    Can the offset DACs of the AD5370 be set to different values to get different ranges.

  • Reset in AD5370



    I was looking at the datasheet of AD5370 (40-channel DAC) and though reset pin has a bar on that and seems to be low active, datasheet says " The reset function is initiated by the !RESET! pin. On the rising edge of !RESET!"

    "Note that…

  • EVAL-AD5370 Overlay


    I'm trying to compile a linux kernel for the EVAL-AD5370 board.

    I've successfully enabled the driver and compiled a kernel, but I'm very confused on how to make the overlay and enable it to be able to use the driver.

    Could someone help…

  • Eval-ad5370 device tree questions


    I am new to AD537x DACs. Currently I want to control the evaluation board eval-ad5370 via SPI directly with my Raspberry Pi 4. I built the kernel (wiki.analog.com/.../raspberrypi) and add the Linux iio drivers for Eval-ad5370 via "make menuconfig…

  • EVAL-AD5370 Linux Drivers

    I posted previously but didn't perhaps specify that I am looking for Linux drivers to use the EVAL-AD5370 via the USB micro controller. Specifically I could like to use Python, however, the first step is to get the Linux driver.

  • LabView Driver for AD5370 Eval Board?

    Hello, is there a LabView Driver available, or a way to control through LabView, the Eval board for the AD5370 40 channel DAC?  If not with LabView, is there another way (other than the Analog Devices simple control panel) to programmatically change the…