• AD536a

    Is it possible to use the AD536a in dBoperation fed with single supply?

  • AD536A

    I have a question in regard to the AD536A. I wanted to know what's the cut-off  frequency for this product in which it converts AC to DC and if it's tunable or not?

    I also wanted to ask what type of input format we have for this product?

  • AD536A Spice problem

    I am using AD536A in LTSpice simulation. I saw the waveform aplitude results coming correctly but the time it takes to settle does not match with what datasheet specifies.

    I am using 0.033 uF as Cav. According to datasheet I should have got around 30…

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  • RE: Problem with AD536AK rms to DC converter

    When I isolated the output from others, the rms to dc conversion is happening correctly without offset. The problem device was identified to be ADC (AD7864BS-1) connected to the buffer output. So when i isolated ADC input from Buffer out of AD536A, the…

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  • About settling time by input voltage of AD8436


    I have a question about the settling time of the AD8436.

    I think it will change depending on the capacity of the settling time CAVG.
    I think it also depends on the input voltage.

    The AD536A had a graph of settling time for the input voltage in Figure…

  • Measure true RMS or AC signal on DC offset?

    I need to measure the true RMS voltage of a Sine wave with a DC offset of two different high voltage power supplies (PS1 and PS1).

    PS1 DC offset: -6600 VDC nominal

    PS2 DC offset: -9300 VDC nominal

    Sine wave: 8.98 V peak relative to DC offset of PS1…

  • RE: RMS-to-DC for Sound Pressure Level measurement

    The AD737 averages the rms over a fixed time period as you surmised.

    ADI makes parts for audio applications such as you describe, I believe you are looking for the 'dB output' feature, where the log of the input is provided as a current sourced output…

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