• AD5363 SPI Interface

    We intend to use this DAC with a DSP which supports only 32-bit serial transfers with a continous SCLK. The AD5363 data sheet says: "If a continuous clock is used, SYNC must be taken high before the 25th falling clock edge. [...] If more than 24…

  • AD5363 AD5362_SPI communication with Blackfin processor

    I’m little confused when I reading figure 25--the interface with blackfin DSP
    from AD5636 datasheet shown in figure1.As I known, SPI contrller of blackfin
    DSP supports 8bit and 16bit transfer as the figure1 shown. The timing shows the
  • Does AD5363 support -15V output?

    as datasheet Figure 22, offset DAC code range, which show a RESERVED area, that will limited negative voltage output range, it seem cannot achieve -15V @ +/- 16.5V power rail.

    If we touch the RESERVED area, what happen with that? or damage the device…

  • AD5360, AD5361, AD5362 and AD5363 evaluation board software commands


    This discussion explains how to use the new dll library available for both Windows 32 and 64 bits OS.

    We aim to provide a detailed explanation of the dll functions and the commands associate with each evaluation board.

    This discussion WONT provide…

  • 关于DAC芯片AD5363使用的问题



           1、nBUSY信号的定义中解释为Digital Input/Open-Drain Output,请问该信号作为输入或者输出是否需要进行配置…

  • AD5363的参考电压VREF范围具体是多少

    AD5363的参考电压VREF范围具体是多少,芯片手册上有个VREF range为2-5V,我想问能否小于2V,此外VDD和VSS不对称可以么?

  • RE: DAC芯片



  • AD5362 Reset


    I have a question regarding the RESET function on the AD5362.  According to the datasheet:

    The reset function is initiated by the RESET pin. On the rising edge of RESET, the AD5362/AD5363 state machine initiates a reset sequence to reset the X…

  • FAQ: Selecting A Reference for the AD536x and AD537x DACs


    How do I select a reference for the AD536x and AD537x DACs?



    A reference value from +2V to +5V can be used with the AD536x and AD537x. Using the default register…

  • FAQ: Using the Offset Register in AD536x and AD537x DACs


    How do I use the offset register in AD536x and AD537x DACs?



    The Offset register sets the offset voltage of a 14-bit DAC. The DAC can be used to move the output span of…