• RE: AD5363 SPI Interface

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  • AD5363 AD5362_SPI communication with Blackfin processor

    I’m little confused when I reading figure 25--the interface with blackfin DSP
    from AD5636 datasheet shown in figure1.As I known, SPI contrller of blackfin
    DSP supports 8bit and 16bit transfer as the figure1 shown. The timing shows the
  • RE: DAC芯片



  • RE: 关于DAC芯片AD5363使用的问题




    BUSY引脚是双向的。在使用多颗AD5363时,BUSY引脚可以接在一起,这样可以直到所有DAC ready之后才执行更新。请参考BUSYAND LDACFUNCTIONS部分

  • AD5363的参考电压VREF范围具体是多少

    AD5363的参考电压VREF范围具体是多少,芯片手册上有个VREF range为2-5V,我想问能否小于2V,此外VDD和VSS不对称可以么?

  • AD5362 Reset


    I have a question regarding the RESET function on the AD5362.  According to the datasheet:

    The reset function is initiated by the RESET pin. On the rising edge of RESET, the AD5362/AD5363 state machine initiates a reset sequence to reset the X…

  • RE: AD5360, AD5361, AD5362 and AD5363 evaluation board software commands

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  • FAQ: Selecting A Reference for the AD536x and AD537x DACs


    How do I select a reference for the AD536x and AD537x DACs?



    A reference value from +2V to +5V can be used with the AD536x and AD537x. Using the default register…

  • FAQ: How Does the PEC Function Work in AD536x DACs?


    How Does the PEC Function Work in AD536x DACs?



    The AD536x parts have a Packet Error Check function (PEC) which indicates to the user that the serial write was accepted as…

  • FAQ: X1A and X1B Registers in the AD536x and AD537x DACs


    What is the Difference Between the X1A and X1B Registers in the AD536x and AD537x DACs?



    Both registers act exactly the same. By default the X1A register is selected. The X1B can…