• AD536x Evaluation Software for Windows 8/10 ?

    AD5362 Evaluation Board - Evaluation Software does'nt work under Windows 8 and Windows 10

    When starting the AD536x-Software the connected AD5362 Evaluation Board will not be found.

    Error Message: AD5362: - 13108 No Evaluation Board found


  • AD5362 Reset


    I have a question regarding the RESET function on the AD5362.  According to the datasheet:

    The reset function is initiated by the RESET pin. On the rising edge of RESET, the AD5362/AD5363 state machine initiates a reset sequence to reset the X…

  • SPI communication, BF518 and AD5362


    I'm currently checking datasheets to get used to the SPI programming of the BF518 and the DA5362 DA-Converter.

    I see the BF518 having a maximum transmission length of one word (16 bit). The AD5362 requires 24bits to receive a new value (8 bits…

  • RE: IIO driver usage and supported linux kernel version


    The first Linux version that had support for the AD7606 was v2.6.39 and for the AD5362 was v3.2. So if you want to use a Linux kernel that has out-of-the-box support for both these devices you have to use at least Linux v3.2.

    There are no userspace…

  • AD5362 SDO timing spec is not clear


    SDO timing spec is not clear. Looking at Figure 5. SPI Read Timing in datasheet Rev.A, set up/hold time associated with SCLK rising or falling edge is not clear. Actually the diagram does not pointed any timing line on SDO. Please clarify timing…

  • RE: DAC芯片



  • RE: AD5360, AD5361, AD5362 and AD5363 evaluation board software commands

    Hi Miguel,

    How did you set pcFilePath when downloading the firmware?

  • AD5363 SPI Interface

    We intend to use this DAC with a DSP which supports only 32-bit serial transfers with a continous SCLK. The AD5363 data sheet says: "If a continuous clock is used, SYNC must be taken high before the 25th falling clock edge. [...] If more than 24…

  • FAQ: Selecting A Reference for the AD536x and AD537x DACs


    How do I select a reference for the AD536x and AD537x DACs?



    A reference value from +2V to +5V can be used with the AD536x and AD537x. Using the default register…

  • RE: ADC和DAC芯片选型求助