• IIO Buffered Interface and AD5360


    I am using the mainline AD5360 driver on a raspberry pi-class style board. It appears to function fine using the iio sysfs interface. I have read through the driver and noticed that it appears the buffered interface (iio_buffer and friends) is not…

  • ad5360 package lqfp or lfcsp?

    Hi All,

    I am planning to use AD5360. I see from datasheet that LFCSP package has better thermal resistance than LQFP. What is the advantage of one package over other?



  • AD5360 Eval Board Communication


    I am going to be trying to control the AD5360 eval board using MATLAB and I wanted to know if anyone has any experience using the USB port on the Eval board and Matlab to bypass the gui provided by AD.

    I am trying to get around using a SPI interface…

  • EVAL AD5360 No output Voltages


    I recently purchased an EVAL AD5360 board, but am having trouble getting the board to function.  My initial problem involved my computer not recognizing the device ('No eval board found'), but I downloaded the drivers provided here and now…

  • Using EVAL-AD5360 with Python

    Hello, Forum!


    I have an EVAL-AD5360, a 16-channel dac, that I would like to make part of a larger system, and to do that, I need to talk to the board via Python.  I tested the provided GUI software and saw that I got the correct output voltages, but…

  • AD5360- Exposed Paddle Connected to Ground


    This is regarding the DAC AD5360BCPZ. The exposed paddle was connected to ground instead of Vss. The PCB on which this is populated is six layer and hence I am unable to disconnect the ground from EP.

    Would there be any other solution to have the…

  • EVAL AD5360 no evaluation board found


    I have bought the EVAL-AD5360, installed the software and connected the USB. Initially, the USB was not detected at all. After I have installed the drivers, the Windows detected the card (device manager has a new ADI Development Tools tree with EVAL…

  • No Evaluation Board Found

    I have bought the evaluation board for AD5360. I have installed the software provided in the CD, but when I start the software, it says No Evaluation Board Found. I am wondering what is wrong with my configuration. I have connected the board with the…

  • RE: EVAL-AD5372 as standalone DAC


    You may want to check the AD5360 IIO Multi-channel DAC Linux Driver wiki page. The EVAL-AD5372EBZ is a supported evaluation board. There is a section discussing on how to add Linux driver support.

    Hope this helps.



  • RE: Windows 8 Drivers for AD5360 Eval board

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