• RE: AD5360 is always busy

    another question(Sorry).

    AD5360' DVcc is connected to 5V.
    and AD5360 is connected to stm32f429i-discovery board which controls it and sends signals to AD5360. but stm32f429 output signals are 3V at top. for example if I want AD5360's reset pin to…

  • RE: Capacitors for Vss,Vss and DVcc pins of AD5360

    If the capacitors are close to the AD5360 you can use 10μF capacitors commonly for each Vdd, Vss and DVcc.

    The evaluation board uses capacitors per pin because we don't know how good the power supply that is used will be and we don't want that to limit…

  • RE: Powering AD5360 with only DVcc

    Hi Surya,

    This should not cause any problems with the AD5360.

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  • SPI interface to connect to AD5372 in linux via IIO

    The AD5360 IIO Multi-Channel DAC Linux Driver provides a simple way of interacting with AD5360-AD5373 devices vial linux IIO


    The question is: what SPI interface hardware (preferably…

  • RE: EVAL-AD5360/61/62/63EBZ USB Software

    I was able to fix all problems and get a .NET dll (AD5360.dll) that can be used to set the DAC registers and outputs.

  • RE: How to use SPI bypass with AD5360 eval board

    Hi ,

    The first things that stands out to me is that you have Din connected to MISO. Some info on SPI interface below:

    Din is the "Data in" to the AD5360.

    MISO is the "Master in, Slave out".

    Usually your micro will be the…

  • RE: how to configure AD5360 busy pin as an output?

    /BUSY is a bidirectional pin. There is no need to configure this pin. If an external signal pulls /BUSY low, any writes you make to the AD5360 will not be implemented until /BUSY is allowed to go high. This is useful if multiple AD5360 devices are used…

  • RE: AD Evaluation Boards used in C# - ADI-CYUSB_USB4.dll

    Hi suiraM,

    Can you provide a working example of the C# file you used to send USB commands to the evaluation boards, specifically the AD5360 eval board.

  • RE: Alsa driver for AD5372

    There are linux drivers for the AD5372 on the Analog Devices website. AD5360 IIO Multi-Channel DAC Linux Driver [Analog Devices Wiki]. Maybe these will help

  • IIO Buffered Interface and AD5360


    I am using the mainline AD5360 driver on a raspberry pi-class style board. It appears to function fine using the iio sysfs interface. I have read through the driver and noticed that it appears the buffered interface (iio_buffer and friends) is not…