• Whether the output of LTC2668 and AD5360 is synchronous and in-phase

    Are there any way to set all Vout pins of the LTC2668 and AD5360 to output synchronous and in-phase? If there is a way to achieve it, how should it be implemented?

  • RE: Interfacing DAC AD5360 with Arduino Mega


    Regarding digital interface issues with our DACs, I suggest looking into this FAQ first. (+) FAQs: DAC Communication Troubleshooting - Documents - Precision DACs - EngineerZone (analog.com) We need to make sure that the timing of the controller output…

  • LTC2668和AD5360输出是否为同时同相位?


  • EVAL AD5360 No output Voltages


    I recently purchased an EVAL AD5360 board, but am having trouble getting the board to function.  My initial problem involved my computer not recognizing the device ('No eval board found'), but I downloaded the drivers provided here and now…

  • AD5360 Eval Board Communication


    I am going to be trying to control the AD5360 eval board using MATLAB and I wanted to know if anyone has any experience using the USB port on the Eval board and Matlab to bypass the gui provided by AD.

    I am trying to get around using a SPI interface…

  • IIO Buffered Interface and AD5360


    I am using the mainline AD5360 driver on a raspberry pi-class style board. It appears to function fine using the iio sysfs interface. I have read through the driver and noticed that it appears the buffered interface (iio_buffer and friends) is not…

  • Using EVAL-AD5360 with Python

    Hello, Forum!


    I have an EVAL-AD5360, a 16-channel dac, that I would like to make part of a larger system, and to do that, I need to talk to the board via Python.  I tested the provided GUI software and saw that I got the correct output voltages, but…

  • AD5360 is always busy

    Hi. I am working with a DAC IC called AD5360 (datasheet:http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/AD5360_5361.pdf)

    it has a 24 bit SPI interface and it supposed to work like this: !Busy is always high and when you send data…

  • Powering AD5360 with only DVcc  


    I am using AD5360 in my design. The module contains various power supplies such as +3.3V (DVcc), +15V (VDD) and +-15V (VSS). +15V and -15V is used only this interface. Can I Power On the module with only +3.3V (without +15V and -15V) for testing…

  • ad5360 package lqfp or lfcsp?

    Hi All,

    I am planning to use AD5360. I see from datasheet that LFCSP package has better thermal resistance than LQFP. What is the advantage of one package over other?