• RE: AD5293 SPI communication Arduino Due or ESP8266

    Hello i wanto tu use a Arduino Uno or a ESP8266 thing dev with a ad5293.

    It's need a levelshifter?

    Could you share the code and the schematic?


  • AD5293 value always 2/3 steps lower


      I have been trying to use some AD5293 digpots to get the complete range of some ADC equipment. It works mostly fine, but for some reason, there seems to be a small error, that is, if I set the digpot to 100, most of the time when I read back…

  • AD5293 capacitances

    From the data sheet:

    Note 4 warns these are design figures.

    I am using the 20k version in a network that has some capacitors connected to the digipot, to calibrate the phase of the circuit. The problem is the capacitances of the network the digipot…

  • AD5293 not responding


    I am trying to use an AD5293 but it doesn't seem to behave correctly.

    First the RDY output pin didn't seems to toggle.

    Second, I notice that the EXT_CAP pin is at 0V.

    The other supply levels are fine.

    Channel 1 is SYNC

    Channel 2 is …

  • RE: AD5293 Bandwidth optimization

    When you use AD5293 as a rheostat, one of the terminals either A or B will be open. So, only Raw or Rwb will be applicable but not both.

    Yes, the bandwidth will increase, but it will be limited by the internal circuitry. 

  • AD5293 Deign Schematic

    Dear All:

    I Need AD5293 reference  schematic to design my PCB ,can you rpovide refer. document to me? thanks

    Best Regards,

  • Help on AD5293

    I have a few question on AD5293 in datasheet.

    1.Based on formula on page 20 in the datasheet about how to calculate RWB and RWA, I have following two questions.

    • Is it possible for RWB to achieve 0 ohmn, if D=0?
    • Does it mean that the maximum of…
  • AD5293 SPI lock up

    I received this question from a customer:

    We are having problems with the AD5293 digital pot.  We are having problems with it on a prototype board.  It consistently locks up the SPI bus (specifically the MISO pin).

    Initially, we took no precautions in…

  • Help with AD5293

    Hello, I am attempting to use an AD5293 digital potentiometer using an ATmega328 microcontroller using Arduino (C++). I have it surface-mounted to my PCB in the feedback loop of an LM2676 switching mode power supply. I am only attempting to write data…

  • AD5293 variable gain amplifier


    I am using the AD5293 (100K) digital potentiometer along with the AD8675 Op amp. I want to have a variable gain, to amplify the output of a tranformers.

    +Van= +11.2V

    -Van= -11.2V

    The input signal is 50Hz.

    I set the gain to 128, programming…