• AD5293: shift register DIN with MSB first or least?

    Which bit must be sent first from the microcontroller to DIN - bit 15 or bit 0?
    The Datasheet contains two conflicting descriptions: In the timing diagram on
    page 8, D0 = LSB first sent from the microcontroller. From page 18 'Shift

  • RE: Simulation model for RDAC DigiPots (AD5292 or AD5293)


    I also was hoping to find more information on the segmented RDAC architecture.



  • AD5293 value always 2/3 steps lower


      I have been trying to use some AD5293 digpots to get the complete range of some ADC equipment. It works mostly fine, but for some reason, there seems to be a small error, that is, if I set the digpot to 100, most of the time when I read back…

  • AD5293 freezing in daisy-chain


    I am trying to control 20 AD5293 digital potentiometers in daisy-chain using an Arduino Mega. I have functional code and it works quite well, except for the fact that sometimes one or some of the digital potentiometers completely freeze and don…

  • RE: AD5293 Bandwidth optimization

    When you use AD5293 as a rheostat, one of the terminals either A or B will be open. So, only Raw or Rwb will be applicable but not both.

    Yes, the bandwidth will increase, but it will be limited by the internal circuitry. 

  • RE: AD5293 SPI communication Arduino Due or ESP8266

    Hello i wanto tu use a Arduino Uno or a ESP8266 thing dev with a ad5293.

    It's need a levelshifter?

    Could you share the code and the schematic?


  • Using AD5293 as potentiometer with 1% R-Tol

    Hi there

    I need to use the AD5293 as a potentiometer wuth  the internal ±1% resistor tolerance calibration feature enabled, but I'm not sure if the datasheet disables it just because in a common potentiometer topology the tolerance doesn't matter or if…

  • RE: AD5293 Update not occurring

    I have got additional details.

    Figure 23 of AD5293 represents the ILOGIC supply current transient when CSB or SYNC goes from low to high state.

  • AD5293 rheostat mode tolerance


    I have one question about AD5293.

    In datasheet p.20, there is" rheostat operation".

    RWB (or RWA) is a maximum of ±1% absolute resistance error and RW is included between W to B.

    Can we ignore RW resistance value with the calibration…