• AD5292 SDO

    I am connecting 3 AD5292's on one SPI channel. So SCLK, DIN, and SDO are all shared. The !SYNC pins are independently controlled. I know about the pull up resister on the SDO. I will only be talking to one chip at a time. I am worried about my master…

  • AD5292 not working?

    Hi, me again,

    I have a SPI AD5292 pot on my board here and I am having some trouble using it. I have compiled the driver as modules to be modprobed in. After modprobing I get a message telling me that a pot has been registered at spi1.1 and when I look…

  • Trouble with AD5292

    As well as others, I have trouble getting my AD5292 running. But my problems start "earlier" than the one of others.


    I have two symptoms:


    * The data I am clocking in come back on SDO the way I put them in. This should be normal for all…

  • Ad5292

    我使用stm32模拟SPI操作,能写入数据可以调整电阻,参考Table 12. Write and Read to RDAC and 20-TP Memory写入0x1803、0x0500、0x0C00。发现使用十分钟后自动恢复到一半阻值

    写入时序按照手册Figure 3. Write Timing Diagram, CPOL = 0, CPHA = 1 ,模拟时序如下:


  • AD5292 thd+NOISE Problem

    Respected sir/madam,

    I Am doing a project that is related to audio, In my project i am using a AD5292 ( digital potentio meter ), 20k, on that IC, i have measure the THD that is 0.029%(very high), when i bypass the AD5292 Then THD is 0.0029%.(which…

  • Noise of AD5292



    We are evaluating the noise performance of the AD5292 using the Analog evaluation board (EVAL-AD5292EBZ).

    We can measure the noise spectra for different resistance values and it matches the noise floor specifications, basically limited by…

  • AD5292 not changing resistance

    I have an AD5292 100K ohm pot. The reset pin the the AD5292 is tied to Vlogic. The 20TP memory has never been programmed.

    I am just trying to get the resistance to change to test my code.  I am using an Arduino to talk to the chip at 4MHz. I have my…

  • AD5292 operation voltage.


    I would like to make sure about AD5291/AD5292 opration voltage.

    Data sheet say

    Feature: +9V to +33V single-supply operation.

    General Description:

    "These devices are capable of operating across a wide voltage range, supporting both dual supply…

  • AD5292 Tape Width

    I need the tape width of the AD5292 parts.

    They are not in the online file (no RU code designator in the table and no reels with 1000 parts for other TSSOP14 codes).

    I need it relatively urgent.


  • AD5292 +/-5V supply operation?

    The datasheet states that the single supply range is from +9V to +33V, but oddly enough the dual supply range does not start from +/-4.5V (as expected) but from a much higher +/-9V. Now, I suspect that this must have something to do with a requirement…