• AD5290: THD


    I have a question about THD of AD5290.

    When it is the maximum operation voltage, THD is the best performances

    When it is the minimum operation voltage, THD is the worst performances

    Why does the performance of THD worsen when the operation voltage…

  • AD5290 Questions


    The customer has several questions about AD5290. Please let me know the answers asap.

    Q1. Is SPI operated by +3.3V ? For example SDO pin could be pulled up by +3.3V instead of +5V ?

    Q2. If VA, VB and VW would be powered before Vdd and Vss would be established…

  • AD5290 ±5V Supply operation

    I want to confirm the operation voltage of AD5290.

    The range of the AD5290 power supply is described in the top page of the data sheet with ±10V to ±15V.

    In page 17 of the data sheet, there is the following descriptions.

    " The AD5290 can operate in…

  • AD5290: Nominal resistance

    You state the Nominal resistance tolerance as being +/- 30% in Rheostat mode,
    what is the typical production spared in tolerance?

    I realize the 'stock' answer would be +/- 30%, but this I feel, is the absolute
    minimum and maximum…


    I would like to ask some questions on the AD5290 power supply.

    Please refer to the AD5290 rev.c dataseet.

    Q1:  From the old answers on this part,  I assume it is  characterized and specified only for

    +/-15v operation.  If it is correct , does it mean…

  • AD5290 Wiper Temperature Coefficient.

    I've looked through the datasheet but I did not see a number for the wiper temperature coefficient.


    It is noted that "The wiper resistance, RW, is a function of Vdd and temperature.  Contrary to the temperature coefficient of the Rab, which…

  • AD5290 - SPI voltage level

    Hi Analog Devices community !


    In one of my electronic application, I need to control about 20 AD5290 with one microcontroller (MSP430F5438). I want to make it without using the SPI daisy chain mode, so it will be a pin selection dedicated to each DAC…

  • AD5290 maximum logic input

    Hi, I used yours AD5290 as volume control in a power amplifier.

    I already have used your AD7376 in an old project and I connected the SPI link to the +15V by means of a pullup resistor..

    When I used the AD5290 I also conncted the SPI to the +15V with…

  • Ibis model for AD5290-50

    Hi, All.

    I can not find the IBIS model of the AD5290-50 also look at the web site.

    Can you provide a simulation model for AD5290-50?

    Best Regards,


  • Digital Pot AD5290 on +5V PSU


    I have AD5290-100K that was previously connected to +/-5V. However due to last min change, I forced to use 0V and +5V (VSS/VDD) on AD5290, so also tied GND to VSS for SPI (with external isolate gate switch to mitigate digital crosstalk).

    The datasheet…