• Reg: Problem in Writing RDAC of AD5274 through I2C

    Hello All,

    I tried to change the RDAC Register value of AD5274BRMZ-20 (20K-Max) through I2C. But the resistance between the A & W pins is always constant to 9.25K(Mid Value).

    I have sent the following Values through I2C.

    Device Address : 0X2C (I have…

  • RE: ad5274 linux access

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • AD5274 user user guide with stm32 controller


    I am unable to find the initialization sequence for AD5274 with the stm32.

    Please provide me any user guide to use the AD5274 along with the stm32 controller (non os).

    Thank you.

  • wiper settling time of AD5272/AD5274

    can you please tell me what is the wiper setting time of AD5272/AD5274 Digital Rheostat?

  • Wiper setting time of AD5272/AD5274 Digital Rheostat?

    can you please tell me what is the wiper setting time of AD5272/AD5274 Digital Rheostat?

  • RE: AD5274 shutdown mode

    I have figured out what's going on here.

    The amplifier I'm using is TI INA333, which has strict capacitance requirement on the RG pins. I'm using AD5274 on RG pins to set the gain. However, the intrinsic capacitance on the A and W pins are 1) too…

  • AD5274 userspace driver

    We are using the ad5274 device to control an LCD contrast pin. I have successfully instantiated the ad5274 linux driver. The driver exposes a couple of files in /sys/bus/i2c/devices/000-02c. The files of note are rdac0, otp0en, and otp0. I can't find…

  • AD5274 I2C controlable potentiometer programming issue

    Hey to you all,

    I have a stupid problem, like problems mostly are.

    I use a AD5274, it is a I2C controllable potentiometer, you can set the potentiometer value by sending a 8 bit value towards its RDAC register, and when it is fine for you, you can…

  • AD5272 / AD5274 Power-up sequence


    Currently reading the datasheet of these components, I wish to ask you some more information about the power-up sequence.

    On page number 24 of the datasheet (revision C), I can read that the ideal power-up sequence is : 1.VSS, 2. VDD and then…

  • RE: Please tell me how to control the AD5272 by linking it to LabView.

    The AD5272/AD5274 each has a 7-bit slave address. The five MSBs are 01011 and the two LSBs are determined by the state of the ADDR pin. Please refer to Table 11 and Figures 43, 44, 45. Pages 18-20