• Windows 8 64bit is suitable for the operation AD5272&SDP-CB1Z and unmentioned table of AD5272 datasheet

    Hello everyone.

    1. I've a new computer with windows 8 64bit. evaluation board works only with earlier revisions of 32bit windows as it's said in UG094.pdf. Is there any drivers for win8 64bit or may board works using drivers for win7, XP 32bit?…

  • AD5272 - Tolerance Issue


    I have a handful of AD5272 (1024 taps), 20k and they all showed tolerance issues.


    -single voltage 3v3

    -RESET tied to VDD

    -I2C via Arduino/Teensy LC (400kHz)

    -Addr floating


    -Unlock RDAC

    -Sweep from 0x0 to 0x3FF step and observe…

  • AD5272 Tolerance


    We are using AD5272 digital potentiometer. From Table 2 of Datasheet, in R-perf mode, resistor  tolerance is 1%, when code range is from 0x078 to 0x3FF. 2% R-Tolerance when code from 0x037 to 0x3FF. So, if we use from from 0x0 to 0x3FF, what would…

  • AD5272 Not Acknowledging

    I'm trying to communicate with the AD5272 through a USB-I2C interface called USB2ANY from TI. I'm using the AD5272 EVAL board to try to do this. I currently have my SCL connected through T5, and SDA is connected through T4 (so that I don't have to go…

  • AD5272 - Question


    I am using a voltage divider with 10V input. Because I want to get 5V Uout, I select 20k for R1 and R2 is my AD5272 with 20k.

    Now i have 2 questions:

    1. On Page 23 (Datasheet) there is a formula: Rwa(D)=D/1024*Rwa

    Because I have Bit 0-1023…

  • AD5272 - Circuit problem


    I am trying to use the ad5272 as a DAC to write voltage and read it out with a ADC. But I have problems with the circuit because I only know Digital Poti's with A and B terminal. But this is a rheostat with Terminal A and wiper W.

    I connected…

  • AD5272 Reset Problem

    We are having some issues using the AD5272.  We seem to get spurious resets on the device which then forces the setting to midscale.  We at first suspected the RESET input which was originally driven by power supply monitor device.  We now have it shorted…

  • AD5272 Device address not detected

    Hello ALL,


    (C2 and C3 are 0.1 uF, not 1 uF)

    I am using the AD5272 as a variable gain amplifier for one of the project my company is working on. I am having trouble detecting the device's address (0x2F according to the datasheet) on the main I2C bus…

  • AD5272 reliability figure

    Hope I'm in the right place.

    Does anybody know of the reliability figure (MTTF / MTBF / FIT) for an AD5272BRMZ?

  • No repsonse from AD5272

    Hi ALL,

    I am having some difficulty updating the output resistance value from the AD5272.

    I have initiated communnications over the I2C. I have proven it is addressed correctly, the system is receiving acknowledges and able to complet e the 3x packet…