• AD5272 - Tolerance Issue


    I have a handful of AD5272 (1024 taps), 20k and they all showed tolerance issues.


    -single voltage 3v3

    -RESET tied to VDD

    -I2C via Arduino/Teensy LC (400kHz)

    -Addr floating


    -Unlock RDAC

    -Sweep from 0x0 to 0x3FF step and observe…

  • RE: AD5272 accessing and programming issues

    The table 13 is for devices with SPI. Its not applicable for AD5272. I read it somewhere from AD.

  • About Capacitance Error of AD5272.

    Hi All,

    Capacitance A/Capacitance W capacitance is described on the datasheet as 90pF / 40pF (TYP), respectively.

    How much error do they have depending on the actual value?

    If you have a question,Please let me know.

    Best Regards, Hiro

  • AD5272 Device address not detected

    Hello ALL,


    (C2 and C3 are 0.1 uF, not 1 uF)

    I am using the AD5272 as a variable gain amplifier for one of the project my company is working on. I am having trouble detecting the device's address (0x2F according to the datasheet) on the main I2C bus…

  • RE: Please tell me how to control the AD5272 by linking it to LabView.

    Please refer to the figures 43, 44, 45 in the DS.

    Please go through the Table 10 to understand the pinout.

    You can buy EVAL-AD5272 at the link EVAL-AD5272 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices to speed up your project. 

    Alternatively, you have the options to…

  • RE: AD5272的50 -tp存储器怎么读取。

    论坛里面的AD5272 资料好少,看来这个片子使用的人蛮少哟,都在用啥数字电位器?

  • AD5272 I2C address pin query

    Simple question, is the state of the I2C address select pin (pin 10) only checked once on powerup or is it dynamic (i.e. can I change the state of the address pin while it's powered to modify the I2C address?).

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  • RE: Windows 8 64bit is suitable for the operation AD5272&SDP-CB1Z and unmentioned table of AD5272 datasheet

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  • AD5272 50TP memory success bit


    Is AD5272 50TP memory success bit  (datasheet rev.D P.22 table 15 bit C3 ) cleared  automatically after this register was changed to 1 (fuse program success) ?

    My customer is evalauting using evaluation board.

    Regarding to above,   he asks  if the power…