• What type of non-volatile memory hast the AD5270? What is its retention time?

    What type of non-volatile memory hast the AD5270? What is its retention time
    (time during which the NVM data retains its integrity over time without
    rewriting another/same value)?


    The AD5270 uses 50-times programmable memory.  A charge…
  • RE: AD5270 Digital pot programming question

    Hi Arun,

    You can connect 4 x AD5270 modules, you will need to send 16 x 4 = 64 bits.

    Lets say we have 4 AD5270 digiPOTs ( U1, U2, U3, U4),

    U1 ->DCEN-> U2 ->DCEN -> U3 ->DCEN -> U4

    The first 16 bits you send goes to U4, Next 16…

  • RE: AD5270 Command Operation

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your answer. Our customer tried it, but AD5270 was no responding. On the other hand, the customer tried to change the timing of the SPI.

    The following is NG case;

    And the following is OK case;

    I can't find the timing specification…

  • RE: terminal resistance of AD5270 in single supply and dual supply operation

    thank you ,

    may i know the responds of AD5270 ,upto the range of 100Khz? you and the datasheet revealed the 1k range.



  • RE: AD5270 Wiper Resistance

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    Thank you,
  • AD5270/AD5271 datasheet typo?


    I got some point out about AD5270/AD5271 datasheet.

    It seems not "Table 13" but "Table 15" at below passages.

    1) 3rd and 8th lines at 50-TP MEMORY BLOCK on page 18

    2) 10th line at RDAC AND 50-TP READ OPERATION on page…

  • ADR44x and automatic output adjustment

    I'd like to avoid mechanical trimmer for adjusting the output voltage.

    Is good idea use Digital Rheostat AD5270 in Trim circuits or  noise and thermal drift digital potentiometer completely kills accuracy ADR44x?

  • RE: AD5270 Maximum Code Loss vs Temperature

    Hi Gregor,

    In ADI, we define code loss as the range of codes which are having the resistance tolerance above or below a certain percentage. In the case of AD5270, the resistance tolerance for the code loss is ±1%.



  • Daisy chaining AD5271 and ADG714 possibility

    For SPI, Is it possible to daisy chain 8 x ADG714BRU potimeters together with
    ADG714. As the ADG714 is 8 bits and the AD5271 is 16 bit


    It appears possible, but one must exercises care e.g. such as
    below (please note: presented…
  • AD527x, how to measure the resistance value of digipot

    I used SDF to plug in EVAL-AD527XSDZ and power the system by one USB port of
    the laptop, then using multimeter to test the resistance and compared with the
    target value shown in the software.
    1)      If using Agilent 34401A digital multimeter…