• What type of non-volatile memory hast the AD5270? What is its retention time?

    What type of non-volatile memory hast the AD5270? What is its retention time
    (time during which the NVM data retains its integrity over time without
    rewriting another/same value)?


    The AD5270 uses 50-times programmable memory.  A charge pump is…

  • RE: AD5270 as NTC controlled by Arduino

    Wolle, did you get anywhere with this? I am trying to do something very similar and would be interested in your code if you made it work.

  • Daisy Chain Reads with AD5270

    I'm having trouble reading RDAC values in a 18x daisy chain configuration. It looks like writes are working correctly, by taking direct analog measurements, but reading the RDACs always reports the same value even though difference values are written…

  • AD5270 Daisy chain


    I have 3 questions about AD5270.

    Does AD5270 repeatedly output same 16bits given an integer multiple of 16clocks after read instruction?

    Is RDAC register default value 0x100?

    If 48pcs of AD5270 are daisy chained, will SPI instruction be consecutive…

  • 50-TP memory of AD5270


    i was wondering, if its possible to delete or overwrite the 50-tp memory of the AD5270.

    Thanks in advance

  • AD5270 Daisy Chain Limit and Isolation

    Is there a limit to how many AD5270 devices can be linked in a daisy chain?

    Also, is it possible to daisy chain them through digital isolators, like Analog's ADUM6421A?

  • AD5270 stays in midscale

    Hello, i have an application, where the AD5270 should set a voltage inside a LDO-circuit, but the Wiper-position doesnt change from the mid-scale. The commands i sent are:

    0x0407(random data, to test the RDAC)

    The SIMO, SCLK, and the SYNC signals…

  • AD5270 resistor performance mode


    I plan to use AD527x for a project where the absolute resistor tolerance is a key parameter.

    I got confused on the device DS. For the resistor performance mode DS tells "...code = half scale, RWA = 10 kΩ ± 100 Ω. See Table 2, Table 3, Table 5, and…

  • RTL interface for AD5270

    Hi ,
                This is very urgent,I am using 4 AD5270 in my board but none of then are not working,I am sharing below rtl SPI IF for refrance.Please suggest things needed to be change in RTl or share RTL interface for AD5270 IC
    `timescale 1ns / 1ps