• RE: 我想設計控制方波的斜率電路

    推荐使用AD5270, 1024抽头, 20Kohm 100Kohm可选


  • What ohm EVAL-AD5270


    My customer is considering EVAL-AD5270.
    If my customer orders EVAL-AD5270, what type of AD5720 is implemented?
    ORDERING GUIDE lists resistance values of 20k ohms, 50k ohms and 100k ohms.

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  • RE: AD5270 as NTC controlled by Arduino

    Hi Wolle,

    Can you tell me about the application you are designing?

    The AD5270 uses SPI communication, while the AD5272 uses I2C communication:


    Arduino          AD5270

    PB5: SCLK   Connects to SCLK on the AD5270 (Pin 9)

    PB4: MISO   Connects to SDO (Pin…

  • AD5270电阻为负值?



    Hi Takahiro,

    AD5270/1 has two modes of operation:

    1. R-Performance mode: where the resistor tolerance can be upto 1% based on table 2 and 3 in the Datasheet.

    2. Normal Mode: where the typical resistor tolerance is 15%.

    By default the R-performance is…

  • RE: AD5270 Command Operating

    Hi Rainier,

    Thank you for your reply. i using 3series  AD5270 for test circuit.

    I modified it the way you suggested. AD5270 still doesn't change resistor value .  Please refer followings; 


                                                          < Figure 1. t5,t6 timing>


                                                          < Figure 2. 0x1C03…

  • AD5270 Programming in production

    Customer has designed in the AD5270. For production, they would like to have a way to program the devices using a PC (i.e. via USB). They have the Evaluation board for the AD5270/AD5272 devices and were wondering if it can be re-purposed to achive the goal…

  • RE: Voltage divider temperature coefficient of AD5270

    Thanks,  so AD5270 is not function equivalent to AD5239. I missed it.

  • RE: RTL interface for AD5270

    Hi Ankit,

    Take a look at the below examples for AD5270.

    These examples are for reference only. We cannot provide support, given the…