• What ohm EVAL-AD5270


    My customer is considering EVAL-AD5270.
    If my customer orders EVAL-AD5270, what type of AD5720 is implemented?
    ORDERING GUIDE lists resistance values of 20k ohms, 50k ohms and 100k ohms.

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  • AD5270 Programming in production

    Customer has designed in the AD5270. For production, they would like to have a way to program the devices using a PC (i.e. via USB). They have the Evaluation board for the AD5270/AD5272 devices and were wondering if it can be re-purposed to achive the goal…

  • AD5270 Daisy chain


    I have 3 questions about AD5270.

    Does AD5270 repeatedly output same 16bits given an integer multiple of 16clocks after read instruction?

    Is RDAC register default value 0x100?

    If 48pcs of AD5270 are daisy chained, will SPI instruction be consecutive…

  • AD5270 Command Operating

    Hello i am using AD5270 with MCU(STM32F4). 

    i want to control resistor only using RDAC, so i send command 

    1) 0x1C02 ( RDAC register write protect - allow update of wiper position through digital interface )

    2) 0x0464 ( Send data 100 ) 

    i attached oscilloscope…

  • AD5270 Wiper Resistance


    I was wondering if any characterization is available of the AD5270's wiper resistance, or if someone has any experience they can share.

    Besides 35 Ohm typical and 70 Ohm maximal over the entire temperature range, I could find no further information…

  • AD5270 Command Operation


    Our customer has troubled command operation of AD5270. They send the commands by following order and setting.

       1) 0x2400

       2) 0x1000

       3) 0x1C02

       4) 0x0400

    After sending the commands, they checked the position of the digital rheostat wiper. The…

  • AD5270 no response

    Hello,  so we have an application where we use two AD5270 and i can get one to talk to me but i can't get the other one to change it's wiper position from mid-scale or anything. i've tried on multiple boards and still one works and one doesn't respond…

  • AD5270 stays in midscale

    Hello, i have an application, where the AD5270 should set a voltage inside a LDO-circuit, but the Wiper-position doesnt change from the mid-scale. The commands i sent are:

    0x0407(random data, to test the RDAC)

    The SIMO, SCLK, and the SYNC signals…

  • AD5270电阻为负值?


  • AD5270/AD5271 datasheet typo?


    I got some point out about AD5270/AD5271 datasheet.

    It seems not "Table 13" but "Table 15" at below passages.

    1) 3rd and 8th lines at 50-TP MEMORY BLOCK on page 18

    2) 10th line at RDAC AND 50-TP READ OPERATION on page…