• ad5260的数字接口和模拟部分是否是隔离状态?能否实现隔离输出?




  • AD5260/AD5262: gain and frequency show poor performance

    I am struggling trying to think out a solution to design a transimpedance amplifier (TIA) which can convert 100 nA to 10 mA. This is 5 decades. I want to be able to amplify these to 1.5V minimum. (3V max).

    I want to do most of the amplification in the…

  • RE: AD5260/5262 Vlogic power supply

    Hi Hiroshi-san,

    "The logic supply voltage should always be less than or equal to VDD" should also apply to AD5260 / AD5262, since there is an internal diode between logic supply pin and Vdd pin. Hope that answers your query.




  • AD5260 在5v下工作正常,在12v下工作不正常

    我搭了个数字电位器电路,期望使用Ad5260 数字电位器输出0v到12v的电压,我控制用的MCU的 gpio端口电压是3.3v的,vdd和A端输入电压为12v时不工作,改为5v时工作正常,难道SPI通信端口也要用12v电平?

  • AD5260 使用问题



    #ifndef _AD5260_H_

    #define _AD5260_H_


    #define AD5260_CS           5        //PF5 

    #define AD5260_SDI          3        //PF3

    #define AD5260_CLK          4        //PF4

    #define AD5260_SDO          6        //PF6


    #define CS_L  PORTF&=~(1<<AD5260_CS)       //置CS为低电平,使能SPI接口…


    As datasheet says ad5260 need 8 bit word, ad5262 need 9 bit word. If you use ad5262 with 8 bits it will not execute your command probably. Bit bang 9 bits.

  • RE: AD5293 Update not occurring

    I just tried to find an explanation for the graph in figure 23.

    A pull-up would not have to be permanent if it is a current source with a pmos transistor, because with increasing input voltage the VDS of the transistor would decrease and the current would…

  • AD5262 daisy chain


    Please show me how to use daisy chain of AD5262.

    In data sheet, the discription is only AD5260 single digi-pot.


    I think a procedure for writing is

    1. U2(A0=0)

    2. U2(A0=1)

    3. U1(A0=0)

    4. U1(A0=1)


    Is this correct ?


    Best regards,


  • RE: Need some help with digital potentiometers


    "DigiPots" are simply a low cost CMOS DAC, junction isolated, so none of the I/O pins can go outside

    the rails.  See:


  • Power-up/down Sequence Timing in Digital Potentiometers and Analog Switches


    I'm working on a project that includes dozens of the following devices: AD5260, AD5290, ADG1211, ADG1212, ADG1414.

    I understand from their respective datasheets that voltage rails should be powered in a specific order: GND, Vdd/Vss, digital…