• AD5258 datasheet shows how to calculate RWA and RWB. These AD5258 data sheet  max Rwb query

    AD5258 data sheet rev.D Page 3, wrt temperature variation Total Wiper
    resistance (Rwb) of max 350 ohm.at code = 0x00 .  Please can you state where
    this is obtained from.


    For resistance tolerance  wrt temperature and Voltage variation…
  • AD5258 Digital Pot - O Ohm

    We use a AD5258 digital pot to adjust the gain of an non-inverting amplifier (see schematic).  In a small number of units in the field, which originally passed factory test and calibration, now have the pot at 0 Ohms.  Sometimes power cycling the product…

  • Question for your AD5258 digi-POT

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am just using your AD5258 digi-POT.
    So I found one trouble as following.
    Do you know why this trouble have happen?

    When the power supply to AD5258, the another device pull the SDA and SCL of AD5258 to LOW level. So AD5258 fix the output…

  • AD5258_Rw

    1) Rw是否会随电源而改变?若是,能否提供显示该变化模式的图形?

    2) Rw是否会随编码不同而改变?若是,能否提供显示该变化模式的图形?

    3) 还有其它因素会导致Rw改变吗?

    4) AD5258的Rw典型值是多少?

  • RE: 是否有带宽达到10M的数字电位器



  • RE: AD5160 as resistance to eliminate clock reflection

    Hi Ian,

    AD5258 has a -3dB bandwidth of 18Mhz. This is the part with Maximum Bandwidth in our portfolio. This also will not be applicable for your application.



  • RE: ADM5170

    Hi Ian,

    Apologies for the delayed response to this question, it slipped through the net somehow.

    In answer to your questions:

    a) A digipot may be the best solution here. There's a selection of digipots available at the link below. The slew pin resistor…

  • RE: Maximum digital potentiometer frequency

    It depends. Bandwidth is a function of the code and end-to-end resistance RAB. Lower RAB and codes yield higher bandwidth.

    10MHz bandwidth or above is possible  if you use a 1 kΩ version of AD8400, AD5273 and limit your codes to a  low value range or using…


    hi Nabeel

    i read ADSP-BF506_EZ-KIT_Lite_Manual_Rev.1.0 carefully and see there diffrent circuit in page 72,but i cant found many parts in my country such as (AD5258 MSOP10 , ADP1715 MSOP8 , ADP1864AUJZ SOT23-6 , SI4411DY SO-8)

    a want to know if i generate…

  • AD5724: Digi-POT_Bandwidth

    I checked out several  of our Digi-Potentiometer, the bandwidth are all smaller
    than 1MHz.
    Would you please tell me whether we have Digital Potentiometer Products where
    bandwidth can be 10 MHz?


    Of course, the BW in the digipot are limited by…