• ADuM1250 side1 logic level


    I would like to connect AD5254 and ADuM1250 side1.

    When I check the logic level.

    AD5254 input level threshold seems Vih>2.4V, Vil<0.8V.

    ADuM1250 output level seems 600mV<Vol<900mV???

    I couldn't understand ADuM1250 output logic…

  • RE: ADG3245 for SPI and I2C

    Thanks for your answer May,

    So, you think that if we use pull up resistors between the microcontroller and the ADG3245, we'll not need any pull up resistors between the ADG3245 and the AD5254?

  • AD9254S direct sampling


    I am considering the use of the AD5254S in a receiver for a space application with a direct conversion of an 20 MHz band around 400 MHz.
    The sampling frequency would be of the order of 95 MHz and the ADC would work in the 9th Nyquist zone. Should…


    This is a problem with AD5254 four channels digital potentiometer.

    I am writing to RDAC (0:3) registers to set wiper resistance. The first three
    times the result is OK. But when writing the fourth time the value is wrong.
    The writes are single write…

  • RE: AD5141 Altera code

    Hi Kevin,

    The list of project we have reference designs for Altera can be found at:

    Altera Reference Designs [Analog Devices Wiki]

    Not all are not actively maintained at this time (may use older versions of the Quartus tools), but you can use them…

  • Tying DGND to VSS on AD5252


    I am planning to use the AD5252 and AD5254 on a programmable filter and interface the components using I2C with an Arduino Nano. The filter supplies are bipolar VDD=+2.5V,VSS=-2.5V.

    I was hoping to use the same supplies to power the Arduino by setting…

  • ADG3245 for SPI and I2C

    Hello all,

    I'm working on a project in which I use two types of digital potentiometers (AD5254(I2C), and AD5235(SPI)). The potentiometers have the supply voltages of (VDD: +2.5V, VSS: -2.5V). And I use a microcontroller that's supplied by 3.3V…

  • AD7998 channel-channel interference in Mode 2

    I'm debugging a board which uses the AD7998 12-bit multiplexed ADC converter and appears to have channel-channel interference. There appears to be an issue with around 40% of the boards to a lesser degree.

    The ADC device is used in MODE2 where 6 channels…

  • AD5452 50K W=0 but 64Ohm?

    Hallo, i use AD5254 50k for a simple Audio mixer. Instead of an analog Poti i set the AD5452.
    I wonder, because wenn i set the W on 0 i can hear a Little bit Audio, althoug B is set on GND.
    Now i measure a resistor of 64OHm between W and B, when set on…

  • DigiPot 1/f noise

    Is there more noise data for 1KΩ DigiPots than the 1KHz spot noise spec in the data sheets? For example, the AD5253 (1K) shows 3 nV/√Hz at 1KHz which makes sense for a pure resistance in the neighborhood of 1KΩ. I am interested in the region of 0.1Hz…