• ADuM1250 side1 logic level


    I would like to connect AD5254 and ADuM1250 side1.

    When I check the logic level.

    AD5254 input level threshold seems Vih>2.4V, Vil<0.8V.

    ADuM1250 output level seems 600mV<Vol<900mV???

    I couldn't understand ADuM1250 output logic…

  • AD5254 I2C port drive strength

    Hi all,

    I'd like to determine a suitable series resistor value put on I2C lines of AD5254.

    Therefore, could you tell me typical drive strength (output current) of I2C interface of AD5254 and its IBIS model?

    Best Regards,


  • Questions about AD5254 digiPOT


    I want use AD5254 digital potentiometer(http://www.analog.com/en/digital-to-analog-converters/digital-potentiometers/ad5254/products/product.html) in my project design, but I don't know how to program it.

    I have never programmed I2C before…

  • AD5254 - different VDD and I2C bus voltage

    Is it possible to have VDD for the AD5254 set to +5V but run the I2C bus to the
    AD5254 at 3.3V ?


    In the specifications section we specify that for VDD = 5V, the minimum logic
    high voltage required is 2.4V:
    In other words, 3.3V logic…
  • RE: AD5254 - Unwritable eeprom and rdac

    The devicetree is OK, the problem might be more in the driver (it supports a lot of chips and not all have been tested...).

    Unfortunately we don't have an AD5254 at hand here...

  • About BIT BANG for AD5254

    Hi, guys,

    I need your help with I2C bit bang for AD5254 as my MCU doesn't support I2C.

    I was trying to talk to AD5254 with its quick command write mode, but the digipot was not responding. I also tried to measure the resistance of RDACs, but it…

  • RE: ADG3245 for SPI and I2C

    Thanks for your answer May,

    So, you think that if we use pull up resistors between the microcontroller and the ADG3245, we'll not need any pull up resistors between the ADG3245 and the AD5254?

  • RE: AD5254 power-on problem

    Hi Mark,

    you were right, voltages at the digital potentiometers were wrong during start-up sequence. Putting resistors 200R instead ferrite chokes (L1 and L9 at the schematics) in +/-2.5V regulator circuits solved the problem. Firstly I have put smaller…

  • AD5254 50K vs 1K



    I ordered two 50K versions of this chip and two 1K versions as well. According to the datasheet (http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/data_sheets/AD5253_5254.pdf), they have identical pin-outs. The 50K responded to the power and grounding…

  • AD5254 - I2C Interface Questions

         Good morning.  I have a customer that is going to interface with the AD5254 via a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA and he has a couple of questions.

         1)  In Figure 29 of the data sheet, it indicates that the slave is generating the stop condition when all of the…