• RE: AD5252 resistance output increases non-linearly

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  • AD5252 no output reflected on wiper terminal


                     I'm trying to interface AD5252 B1(1 K) variant chip to replace a mechanical potentio-meter. I'm Using I2C to interface AD5252 with a controller. I can able to read & write using I2C on the AD5252 chip. The issue is that i cannot see any change…

  • AD5252 I2C clock stretch


    I would like to know if AD5252 will clock stretch operate, actually.

    The host, cpu, doesn't have clock stretch function , so I would like to know that.

    please help us how to know if the device has clock stretch function or not?


  • AD5252, reset I2C communication, not using power restart


    In case I2C communication of AD5252 meet some problem, for example, noise intefer a command which is transmitted, thus both of sender and receiver are waiting for each other, can we reset only I2C communication, led by AD5252, not using power restart…

  • RE: AD5259 evaluation software issues

    After reviewing the datasheet one last time, it appears that in order to have a negative output at the LT3090, you need to use  a negative supply to the AD5259, which does not except anything lower than 3V. I am currently looking for a digital potentiometer…

  • Digital Potentiometer with asymmetrical supply


    is it possible to run the AD5252 with an asymmetrical supply, e.g. +3.3V and -1.5V?

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    Carsten Wille

  • 2009-06-26 08:07:29     Master Acknowledgement BF527 TWI API

    2009-06-26 08:07:29     Master Acknowledgement BF527 TWI API

    Appalayagari Sreedhar (INDIA)

    Message: 76385   


    I am working with BF527 hardware.

    Is there any read APIs which satisfies the below kind of read format with Master acknowledgement.

    I checked…

  • FAQ: [#6213] i2c lcd driver testing on bf537, can't say some rdac files in 0-002f folder(2010)

    [#6213] i2c lcd driver testing on bf537, can't say some rdac files in 0-002f folder

    Submitted By: angelia wu

    Open Date

    2010-08-30 02:39:14     Close Date

    2010-08-31 03:11:59


    Medium     Assignee:

    steven miao


    Closed     Fixed In Release…

  • DigiPOT voltage levels (when used as voltage dividers)

    Is the AD5272 (or any other digiPOT) suitable for thermocouple voltage levels? I'm looking to use  this to divide my thermocouple simulated voltage to about 0.940mV and as high  as 3.9mV

  • [#5303] twi lcd fails to open lcd device on bf537 stamp

    [#5303] twi lcd fails to open lcd device on bf537 stamp

    Submitted By: Mingquan Pan

    Open Date

    2009-07-01 05:01:20     Close Date

    2009-07-02 23:34:14


    Medium High     Assignee:

    Michael Hennerich


    Closed     Fixed In Release: