• RE: AD5252 I2C rise time

    It is 10% - 90%. Given above Table 3.

  • AD5252 Bandwidth?


    I am working on a circuit that has an pulse input from an FPGA with LVCMOS3V3 level. The pulse can range from 50ns to 1ms.

    The circuit should convert this LVCMOS3V3 signal to a variable 5V to 28V signal with a rise and fall time less than 10ns…

  • AD5252: Channal matching

    What is the channel matching on dual digipot devices


    The matching between Ch1 and Ch2 in the dual digital potentiometers is
    typically 0.1-0.2% and we usually specify ±1% as a maximum. (These specs can be
    found in the datasheets). This…
  • AD5252 EEMEM & RDAC


    I'm trying to figure out the situation with the device memory. My application assumes that a digipot is controlled at 100Hz, which means that EEMEM will be corrupted in average in 16 minutes (100,000 cycles according to the data sheet). The data…

  • ad5252 and Acknowledge Polling


    I'm using the AD5252 digital potentiometer. After executing a command STORE TO EEMEM command START I2C interface responds with an ACK immediately. Why?

  • AD5252 I2C clock stretch


    I would like to know if AD5252 will clock stretch operate, actually.

    The host, cpu, doesn't have clock stretch function , so I would like to know that.

    please help us how to know if the device has clock stretch function or not?


  • AD5252 I2C pins on VDD+0.3V

    I'd like supplying the AD5252 with +/-3Vdc instead of +/-2.75V, and using 
    0/+3.3V for I2C digital signals. Could I encounter some problems? The absolute
    max ratings for supply is Vdd to Vss =7V, and Vdd+0.3V for digital I2C bus.
  • AD5252 resistance output increases non-linearly


       I'm trying to provide variable resistance output using AD5252( 1K Variant) to a third party device which can read the resistance output using voltage divider bias. What is the issue was I can able to see the resistance output accurately(using multimeter…

  • AD5251, AD5252, Theta JC Values

    Could you please provide the Theta JC valus for the AD5251, AD5252, in the
    datasheet I only found ThetaJA


    please see attached
  • AD5252 no output reflected on wiper terminal


                     I'm trying to interface AD5252 B1(1 K) variant chip to replace a mechanical potentio-meter. I'm Using I2C to interface AD5252 with a controller. I can able to read & write using I2C on the AD5252 chip. The issue is that i cannot see any change…