• AD5242 Evaluation Software

    For quick proof of concept, I purchased 4x Eval-AD5242DBZ & SDP-B Controller Board, reworked and connected them to my existing PCA) while the USB side are all connected to my laptop. However, I just realized that I can open only 1 GUI per PC. Understand…

  • Mismatch problem for AD5242

    Hi, I want to use your product AD5242 (1M). I ordered the samples and do a measurement on breadboard using a multimeter. I measure RAB for both ch1 and ch2. One is 0.8M and the other is 1M. When I exchange the probes in both cases. One is 0.7M and the…

  • AD5242器件标识


    我有一个打标为AD5242  b10 #717  381847.1的产品。


  • Addressing more than four AD5242 over I2C


    My application requires the use of 64 units AD5242 ICs. The controller interface provides only a single I2C bus to control these 64 ICs.

    AD5242 provides two pins, AD0 and AD1, for setting the address of the package. This means that I can address…

  • AD5242 for i2c controlled voltage regulator


    I am using AD5242 in my design as a digipot for controlling one of the feedback resistors on a linear voltage regulator ,LTC3615. I can read and write the i2c values on AD5242, but do not see any resistance change at the output and hence no voltage…

  • 关于AD5242使用问题



    module write(




    input clk; // 50MHz

    input rst_n;

    input [23:0] data_24;


  • AD5242: Over -50% variance in measured resistance


    I was testing the range of the 1M TSSOP AD5242 IC. I encountered over -50% variance in the measured RDAC values and the nominal values. This was seen over both the RDAC channels of 4 chips (That is a test case of 8 RDACs).  Another observation is…

  • AD5242 used as varying resistor with LM317 to get analog voltage

    I am trying to get analog voltage with AD5242 and LM317. I get both the ICs working seperately but when I use the resistor value I created with AD5242 on the LM317, it doesn't work as expected. I increase the resistor value step by step from 100R to 10K…

  • AD5242B1M crashed after power up

    I want to use AD5242 as a digital varistor with single 5V power supply. 

    so i connected Vdd and SHDN to 5V, I2C interface also pull up to 5V with 4.7K.

    Vss DGND AD0 AD1 to ground.

    but when i power on 5V, I2C communication fail by can't retrieve ACK…

  • PC does not recognize SDP-S device in device manager


    I have purchased the SDP-S board and AD5242 daughter board for evaluation. Without the AD5242, the PC can't recognize SDP-S device in device manager.

    I have "ADI SDP Drivers" listed under PC "Apps & features", but do not see "ADI Development…