• AD5242 Evaluation Software

    For quick proof of concept, I purchased 4x Eval-AD5242DBZ & SDP-B Controller Board, reworked and connected them to my existing PCA) while the USB side are all connected to my laptop. However, I just realized that I can open only 1 GUI per PC. Understand…

  • Mismatch problem for AD5242

    Hi, I want to use your product AD5242 (1M). I ordered the samples and do a measurement on breadboard using a multimeter. I measure RAB for both ch1 and ch2. One is 0.8M and the other is 1M. When I exchange the probes in both cases. One is 0.7M and the…

  • AD5242器件标识


    我有一个打标为AD5242  b10 #717  381847.1的产品。


  • Addressing more than four AD5242 over I2C


    My application requires the use of 64 units AD5242 ICs. The controller interface provides only a single I2C bus to control these 64 ICs.

    AD5242 provides two pins, AD0 and AD1, for setting the address of the package. This means that I can address…

  • AD5242 for i2c controlled voltage regulator


    I am using AD5242 in my design as a digipot for controlling one of the feedback resistors on a linear voltage regulator ,LTC3615. I can read and write the i2c values on AD5242, but do not see any resistance change at the output and hence no voltage…

  • 关于AD5242使用问题



    module write(




    input clk; // 50MHz

    input rst_n;

    input [23:0] data_24;


  • AD5242: Over -50% variance in measured resistance


    I was testing the range of the 1M TSSOP AD5242 IC. I encountered over -50% variance in the measured RDAC values and the nominal values. This was seen over both the RDAC channels of 4 chips (That is a test case of 8 RDACs).  Another observation is…

  • AD5242 used as varying resistor with LM317 to get analog voltage

    I am trying to get analog voltage with AD5242 and LM317. I get both the ICs working seperately but when I use the resistor value I created with AD5242 on the LM317, it doesn't work as expected. I increase the resistor value step by step from 100R to 10K…

  • AD5242B1M crashed after power up

    I want to use AD5242 as a digital varistor with single 5V power supply. 

    so i connected Vdd and SHDN to 5V, I2C interface also pull up to 5V with 4.7K.

    Vss DGND AD0 AD1 to ground.

    but when i power on 5V, I2C communication fail by can't retrieve ACK…

  • RE: It is possible to use digiPOT in series ?

    Hi, Mickael.

    Although ADI do not have a single digiPot to cover for the whole 100ohms to 1Mohms, you may want to check the AD5222, AD5241, and AD5242 for your requirement. For other digiPOTs, please refer to the selection table by clicking here.