• Programming Multiple AD5241 on the Same I2C line

    For the AD5241, can you program multiple AD5241 on the same SCL and SDA line? Or is that only possible for the AD5242 because it has dual channel? So if I have 2 AD5241, can I program both simultaneously or will I only be able to share the same communication…

  • Can i use digital potentiometer for example AD5241 as a digitally configurable dummy load for my small current testing device?

    I'm assuming that i could just control AD5241 AB resistance over I2C and connect my current source to AD5241 A1 pin and connect B1 pin to GND and then alter the current by controlling total resistance? or should connection be from A1 to W1? Currents used…

  • AD5241 Digital Potentiometer problem


      I am having problem in I2C communication with AD5241. The slave device address is 0x58 (for write) and 0x59 (for read).

    The problem i am facing is when i am sending the slave address, the device is sending ACK but when i send the instruction byte…

  • AD5241 (1MOhm) does not work

    I have 2 AD5241 (1MOhm) soldered by hand. The first one got maybe a bit hot but the second one should be fine.

    A: 100kOhm --- GND

    W: 3.3V

    B: NC

    VDD: 3.3V

    SHDN: 3.3V

    SCL: Master with pullup

    SDA: Master with pullup

    AD0: GND

    AD1: GND


  • AD5241M Digtial Potentiometer

    I am currently using the AD5241 as the feedback gain resistor of my current to voltage converter. I have already generated the code that programs the digital potentiometer to correctly form a resistance of approximately 7.9kOhms across terminal B and…

  • Fullscale Reading (AD5241BRZ1M)


          We have checked for ad5241 10K which was varying the resistance as per calculations but when we tried to test AD5241BRZ1M, we are unable to reach the full scale (D=255) and constantly resistance fluctuates. Resistance is measured across W and…

  • Problem with AD5241BRZ1M controlled using Arduino Uno

    I am using arduino uno to control AD5214BRZ1M. The pin connections are

    VDD: 5V

    Vss : GND

    A : 5V

    B : GND 

    SCL : Master through pull-up resistor(4.7k)

    SDL : Master through pull-up resistor(4.7k)

    AD0 : 5V

    AD1 : GND

    O1 : NC

    O2 : NC

    SHDN : 5V

    SCL and SDA observed…

  • RE: It is possible to use digiPOT in series ?

    Hi, Mickael.

    Although ADI do not have a single digiPot to cover for the whole 100ohms to 1Mohms, you may want to check the AD5222, AD5241, and AD5242 for your requirement. For other digiPOTs, please refer to the selection table by clicking here.


  • Digital Potentiometer single or dual supply

    Hello, I'm designing a low voltage audio circuit (guitar level signals > 1v) with digital pots in mind (specifically the AD5241 for the 1M ohm and multiple IIC addresses. I'll have a single 5v supply available in the circuit, but if I'm grounding Vss…

  • RE: How would voltage noises influence digitalPotentiometer performance?

    Hi Richie,

    It depends how big your noise is. Well, so long as the Power Supply Sensitivity (in page 3 of RevC of the AD5241 Data Sheet) is satisfied, I don't see any problem.