• AD524

    I have a Question about IA AD524,

    1- What does the protection dose in the Device and what is it made of?

    2- Why there is 4 Op Amp in it not 2 Op-Amp as in a regular IA ?

    3- What does Vb stand for? 


  • AD524: FAQs

    What are the thermal resistances?


    The theta ja and jc numbers are as follows:

    Rja = 55.6C/W

    Rjc = 29.3C/W

  • AD524 vs. AD624?


    I am designing an op amp circuit and would like to use either the AD524 (cheaper, available in surface mount package) or the AD624 ("newer" part number, but more expensive, not available in surface mount package).

    Since both op amps…

  • AD524 Unbalanced Supplies

    Any issues with running an AD524 on +15V for positive supply and -5V for negative supply. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • AD524 ESD Protection


    I am looking for some insight on ESD protection for the AD524 Instrumentation Amplifier. In particular I am looking for what kind of protection I am going to need in place on the output and sense input of the device. Any ideas on what voltage…

  • ad524 max output current

    I have a corner case where we could possibly back feed a power supply with an AD524.   The datasheet says it can short the output indefinitely but we want to get some confirmation on a few items.  What is the max output current of the AD524?  What thermal issues…

  • Low-pass filtering AD524 output

    I want to filter a signal prior to ADC. The mV signal is amplified by AD524 precision instrumentation op amp. Rather than add a step to data processing, I want to implement ad hoc [hopefully simple] analog smoothing / low-pass filtering on the output…

  • AD524: Working in a strong magnetic field

    Will AD524 work in a strong magnetic field
    I need to use your AD524 in a 2Tesla magnetic field. Will it work. It is needed
    to provide intrumentation for superconductive magnet system.

    Will " hall effect " be a problem ?

    please offer…

  • AD524 Input/Output Offset Null Potentiometer Value


    I have an AD524 being used in an application that may require input and output offset nulling. The AD524 is being used with a gain of 10. I would like to know what value to start with for the pot for both the input and output offset null. +VS…

  • What to do with unused AD524 pins

    I am using an AD524S and need to know if the unused NC and Null pins need to be terminated in any fashion.