• RE: Regarding AD5235:

    There is no issue if the SCLKs are common to all devices and CS is separate for each device.

    However, with continuous clocks, you need to take care of few timing specifications mainly t2, t3, t17.

  • RE: AD5235

    Condition is clearly mentioned in the table. Voh is VDD - 0.1V.

  • AD5235: Programming

    The problem is very simple. The seriel programming Signals are provided by the
    FPGA, but the AD5235 doesnA?t store the value. I think I am not providing all
    needed signals or timings.  Is it possible to get an explanation how to connect
  • AD5235: Daisy chain

    I am using the AD5235 Digital Potentiometer in my Final Year Project at
    University. I am going to try and daisy chain several of the Potentiometers
    together, but I am unsure where to begin. Do you have any technical notes on
  • AD5235 SPI communication issues

    I am trying to communicate with the AD5235 digital potentiometer, but I am having issues with the SPI interface. Specifically, the SDO feedback isn't being delivered as expected. As a test, I am sending the sequence as shown in Table 20 of the datasheet…

  • AD5235 maximum voltage

    I use this AD5235 : https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/AD5235.pdf and I would like to know if I can have more than 7 V between Va and Vb ?

  • AD5235 Sierial Interface

    Hi ,

    I have a quick question on the AD5235 serial data interface.

    I'm refferring to p. 17 in the AD5235 datasheet Rev.F.

    There it is said " if the count is not a multiple of four when CS bar goes high but ........'

    Quetion: Is it meant…

  • AD5235 not respond

    AD5235 not respond

    I'm using the AD5235 in rheostat operation, just to make a variable resistor.

    But the resistance between A1 and W1 is always 123k.

    When I connected the logic analyser to the SPI wires, I found that SDO is always cero, as shows…



    I have problems when reading out the user EEPROM via SPI on AD5235.

    The Problems occur sporadically when read the address 0x1 or 0x2. All other Address can be read easily.

    I will explain the problems by reading the address 0x1.

    The Master sends…

  • AD5235: Wiper Resistance and Tolerance


    I am planning on using a few AD5235s in rheostat mode on a high precision application. I was, hence, wondering about two issues:

    1) Once the tolerance is read from the memory, the exact value of the total resistance can be calculated. However, it…