• AD5206 used to control inverting op amp gain

    I am attempting to use the AD5206 100k Ohm digital potentiometer to replace the 100k Ohm feedback resistor

    in an inverting op amp to control the gain. I am powering the AD5206 with a single 5VDC power supply.

    When I apply an AC signal as input, the…

  • Control AD835 with signal from AD5206


    I am wondering about using a AD5206 to provide a variable gain signal (X or Y) and offset-signal (Z) to a AD835.

    It will be used to control a high-speed video signal,

    and I am wondering about output impedance of AD5206 vs input impedance of AD835…

  • AD5206 occasional setting error

    Hi All,


    My customer is testing the operation of his first prototype unit.

    The unit consists of two boards, one is processor board and the other one is analog output board.

    The analog output board contains AD5206 digi-pot for adjusting amplitude and…

  • AD5206: Timing

    Does the DP work with CS at clock falling edge or rising edge?
    And what about the SI clock falling or rising edge?
    At which frequency it’s recommended to work with the DP?


    Data is clocked in from SDI on the rising edge of CLK and clocked…
  • RE: AD5206 trailing numbers


    Both are AD5206 devices. 

    The first 4 digits refer to a date code, and the other is a lot number.



  • RE: Interfacing ADIS16488 with Arduino

    Also, be sure to check out the vast amount of Arduino info on the web... such as:


    There's a very nice SPI example included in the software, in File -> Examples -> SPI -> DigitalPotControl.  It uses an AD5206…

  • RE: RDAC AD5206: doesn't works like i need it


    I moved this question related to the AD5206 to the Precision DACs community.  Please continue the discussion here.



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  • AD5206 wiper position problems


    I am currently designing a PCB so that I can take a single 40kHz input signal and by using two AD5206 100kOhm digital potentiometers, have four output signals which I can phase shift and magnify. The issue I'm running into is this: not all of…

  • AD5206 inconsistent value settings

    I breadboarded a simple circuit to check the functionality of using the AD5206 in rheostat mode to simulate RTDs for a battery management system.  I find that the resistor setting is incorrect around 1/10 of the time when the same instruction is given…

  • On the rated values of Ia, Ib, Iw of AD5206


    I would like to use AD5206.

    So, I have a question. Please help me.



    In the data sheet, there are two description of the rated values for Ia, Ib, Iw.


    One is defined as "Continuous 10 kΩ End-to-End Resistance ± 11 mA" in the Absolute…