I just bought  EVAL-AD5160DBZ evaluation board and EVAL-MB-LV-SDZ motherboard to control potentiometer AD5160 using PC. But when I installed the software provided by your company, something is wrong with software. Please find the detail in the attachment…

  • AD5160 SPI parameters?


    What would be the correct settings to send data to the AD5160 via SPI. The datasheet tells me that the clock polarity is active low (CPOL = 1) and leading edge triggered (CPHA = 0) regarding the phase. Is this correct?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards…

  • AD5160 slow CLK signal


    Is there limitation about CLK signal for AD5160?

    It could not the right setting by slow slew rate clock signal.

    It is OK when SDI is 0xFF or 0x00, but in other setting,it is unstable.

    In our test, clock signal spent 10usec to rising or falling…

  • AD5160 as resistance to eliminate clock reflection


    I have a question about typical oscillator circuit and AD5160.

    In typical oscillator circuit, if we want to avoid clock signal reflection or overshoot when clock at rising edge, there is recommend to add a resistance to reduce them,

    however, in…

  • IBIS model for AD5160 and AD5641

    where can I find the IBIS Model of  AD5160 and AD5641?

  • RE: AD5160 SOT 23 8 pin footprint drawing required


    Did you try installing the ultra librarian from the link below?


    I have attached a screen shot of the PCB footprint of the AD5160 for your reference…

  • The maximum acceptable clock rise time for the AD5160's reliable operation?

    What is the maximum acceptable clock rise time for reliable operation of the


    When using the SPI Interface, it is assumed that the master has strong drivers
    so that the input buffers don't have hysteresis. To summarize, we cannot…
  • RE: AD5610z10 with negative voltage divider

    Is this AD5160 or AD5610?

    If it is a digipot AD5160, then ports A, W, B voltage ranges are within GND to VDD. As such the negative voltage will not work at any port.

  • RE: low noise DC amplifier design



      The InAmp approach is probably the best for the average problem.  If you use individual op amps, you can get lower noise performance.

    I would start with the AD8597.  Also be careful with the resistors.  A 1k resistor is 4nV/rt-Hz at room and thick…

  • AD8236 Level-Shift Output (pin 7) offset

    Our AD8236 level-shift output at p7 has an offset relative to a stable and accurate Vref at pin 6. What conditions or issues could cause the AD8236 to (pin 7) output level shift to not match the provide REF at pin6? Could capacitive loading on the AD8236…