• AD5144

    This is a +5V part. Basically it has 4 rheostats - that is the mode I am using. I understand that the voltage across the terminals {A and B}  OR {AW and B} cannot exceed 5V. Please confirm this.

    Secondly, if the rheostat is used in a circuit the max…

  • AD5144 Operation


    I received a couple of questions about AD5144 operation from our customer.  

    1) We can see following description in the datasheet of AD5144.

        "When a desirable wiper position is found, this value can be stored in the EEPROM memory. Thereafter…

  • AD5144 SPI interface


    I'm trying to interface with AD5144 with SPI interface.

    When I try to perform reading from the EEPROM or RDAC or input register I do not get any result.

    Is there an elaborated timing diagram for the SPI interface?

    What is the sequence for reading…

  • AD5144 I²C register addresses and read commands


    I'm trying to figure out how to read values from the registers via I²C on an AD5144. Unfortunately I am unable to find the required information in the datasheet and application notes. Can you please clarify the usage for me?

    Thanks in…

  • Spice model of AD5144


    I have some questions about the spice model of AD5144.

    (1) I downloaded the spice model from ADI WEB site. The file name is AD5144_10k.cir. But the first line of the description of the model is AD5140 SPICE MACROMODEL. Is this file correct spice…

  • Resistance conversion rate for  DCP AD5144

    After the SPI communication process has been accomplished, will it spend some time for AD5144 to switch to the new resistance value?


  • AD5144+LT3476使用问题

    AD5144+LT3476 搭配使用,发现LT3476的Vref只有0.8V,将两者断开后Vref=1.05V正常。AD5144的上电时序以及其他都已经符合SPEC要求,但是VREF接到AD5144的A端时还是会被拉到0.8V。请帮忙看看这是什么原因造成的。

  • Question for error message LTspice AD5144

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I got one question from our customer as following.

    He is designing by LTspice XVII.

    So he pulled your PSPICE for AD5144 DAC ,and made the symbol-mark by following link.


  • Control AD5144 eval board with c#

    I have the AD5144 eval board and SDP-S controller board.  I would like to control this using c# and the sdpApi1.dll.  Do you have a sample c#  code that shows the required sequence of commands to establish a connection to the board?  Thanks

  • How to read AD5144 eeprom for I2C

    SCHthis is my Schematic diagram。

    NOW,I can set RDAC through I2C,Timing in the picture。

    I want to know which Timing that to read eeprom form AD5144? thank you!