• AD5141: Programmable LDO

    I want to make a programmable LDO. What devices could I use?


    For this application, I'd recommend a digital potentiometer such as the AD5141
    plus one of our LDOs, in linear gain setting mode.

    You can select any of our LDOs, ie. ADP1708…

  • AD5141 ESD test Method

    Hi all

    I wanted to ask AD5141 ESD test Method, and what is the ESD withstand voltage of AD5141?.  

    Could you tell me the ESD test method of AD5141 and ESD AD5141.



  • AD5141 Evaluation tool GUI


    My customer is considering using the AD5141 evaluation board.
    However, when the evaluation GUI is launched and the evaluation board is connected, the evaluation GUI shuts down.
    SDP-S is also connected.
    I checked the device manager, I can confirm it as…

  • AD5141 Altera code

    Have any AD5141 about Altera code(HDL or NIOS 2)for us reference now?


    Kevin Tsai

  • AD5141: Operation below 2.3VDD

    Can the part operate below 2.3V VDD?


    The part has not been characterizing below 2.3V due to EEPROM functionality
    restrictions. In other words, the EEPROM cannot be programmed below this supply

  • AD5141: Power Supply Sequence

    What is the exact power-supply sequence? How long does it take?


    At power-up, the part resets all the internal registers, loads half scale in
    the RDAC and proceeds to read the EEPROM. Once the EEPROM is correctly read
    back, the part loads the…

  • confusing statement in AD5141 datasheet


    Need help in interpreting statement from the AD5141 datasheet and related to EPAD: "Internally Connect the Exposed Pad to VSS"

    I consider the following explanations:

    1) Externally connect the Exposed Pad to VSS


    2) The Exposed Pad…

  • AD5141 For Feedback loop of switching power supply


    Can I use the AD5141 to replace both resistors in the feed back loop of a switching power supply? Should I use potentiometer mode or linear gain setting mode? 

    Thank you.

  • AD5141 in feedback loop of buck regulator


    We intend to use a AD5141 in the feedback loop of a buck regulator, for example as RFB2 with an ADP2300. Can this be considered a 'common use' of the AD5141 or do we have to expect problems compared to using a standard resistor?


  • I²C Linux driver for AD5141 digital potentiometer

    Dear all,

    We are using a FPGA platform with an integrated ARM working under Linux.

    For our new Hardware we want to use the AD5141 with the I²C interface.

    Is there any Linux driver available for the AD5141 digital potentiometer?

    Or is there any guideline…