• RE: AD5141_datasheet


    The small text in Figure 19 of AD5141 data sheet should be "AD5141 , AD5121".



  • AD5141 Will powered down device pull down I2C lines?

    I'm using multiple AD5141's connected to a single master via I2C. I'd like to be able to power only certain AD5141's while others are powered off but have them all share the same I2C bus. Will the powered down AD5141's pull down the I2C bus (or cause…

  • RE: Information for clarity in regards to AD5272's 50TP/OTP


    Yes, you are correct. there are only 50 opportunities to change the resistance value and save it and have it automatically be restored on power-up.

    You can check out AD5141, where you can store the value in the EEPROM and do a infinite number of…

  • AD5141 in feedback loop of buck regulator


    We intend to use a AD5141 in the feedback loop of a buck regulator, for example as RFB2 with an ADP2300. Can this be considered a 'common use' of the AD5141 or do we have to expect problems compared to using a standard resistor?


  • AD5141 SPI接口 CPOL=0, CPHA=1控制无效?



    CPOL=0, CPHA=1

    CPOL=1, CPHA=0


    AD5292只支持CPOL=0, CPHA=1这种SPI接口时序,

    使用CPOL=0, CPHA=1控制AD5292时正常,但无法控制AD5141,

    但是使用CPOL=1, CPHA=0控制AD5141又是正常的,


  • RE: I²C Linux driver for AD5141 digital potentiometer


    unfortunately to date there is no driver which directly supports the AD5141.

    However there are two drivers upstream which support similar devices.

    One is an IIO driver, which can be found here: 


  • RE: How to read back the contents of the RDAC registers of ADI5121/5141 by SPI bus ?

    Hi Huangkai,


    the process of  AD5141 read back command is following.

    Ray Yang

  • AD5141 Altera code

    Have any AD5141 about Altera code(HDL or NIOS 2)for us reference now?


    Kevin Tsai

  • Digital potentiometer programmation problem


    I use the AD5141 on our board and sometimes, the analog value of the potentiometer doesn't change even if we try to load different value several times. The only way to solve it is to restart the power supply of the board or to apply a reset on…

  • AD5141 Evaluation tool GUI


    My customer is considering using the AD5141 evaluation board.
    However, when the evaluation GUI is launched and the evaluation board is connected, the evaluation GUI shuts down.
    SDP-S is also connected.
    I checked the device manager, I can confirm it as…