• AD5064找替换型号


  • RE: AD5064 and AD5064-1 evaluation board software commands

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  • RE: PDL Pin on AD5024, AD5044 and AD5064

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  • RE: AD5064 Offset problem

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  • AD5629 Internal Reference via ad5064.c Linux driver device tree


    I have been struggling to get the internal reference to activate on the AD5629 using the latest AD5064 driver:

    • Omitting the vref-supply parameter resulted in a warning  supply vref not found, using dummy regulator, but the internal reference was…
  • AD5064 Communication with DSP

    Hi all

    i'm using the AD5064 DAC in StandAlone mode connected with a TI DSP through a SPI 3-wire channel.

    i'm having problems writing data to the DAC.

    the DSP writes data in 10 MHz clock and data is sent from MOSI in falling edge like it was…

  • AD5064 driving capacitive load

    I am using the AD5064 to output a DC level to a high bandwidth amplifier for offset adjusting purpose.

        The problem is that the voltage output noise of AD5064 is larger than desired, so I want to add a RLC-RLC low-pass filter after the AD5064 output…

  • Linux Driver LTC2635 Device Tree Example


    I'm looking for a clear example on how to make the device tree entry for the LTC2635?  I've searched AD5064 but there doesn't seem to be any examples in the kernel documentation for how to setup the binding in the device tree.


  • RE: HDL requirements for IIO Driver support


    Regarding the HDL part of the question (adding support for AD7768), https://ez.analog.com/fpga can provide you better advice.

    Regarding AD5064, you are right.


  • AD5024: Operating temperature of evaluation boards

    Will the AD5024 evaluation board work in extreme temperature scenario’s and is
    there a datasheet for this evaluation board?


    We do not specify an operating temperature range for our evaluation boards. We
    neither specify, nor test our eval…