• [AD5061] Datasheet typo? (Vbf pin doesn't exist)


    On the AD5061 datasheet Rev. B  page 18, AD5061 has a Vbf pin on figure 47 but AD5061 doesn't have it.

    I suppose it is Figure 47's typo, isn't it?

    I just would like to confirm it.

    Thank you for your help in advance.


  • Is there an example C Code for the AD5061 for µC´s (AVR) ?


    Is there an SPI Lib for the AD5061?

    best regards

  • AD5061 Circuit

    Our customer would like to build the attached circuit.

    Please tell me, is it possible?

    If this circuit is possible, what should we care for?

    Drive strength?



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  • RE: AD5040, AD5060, AD5061, AD5062 and AD5063 evaluation board software commands

    This question has been closed by the EZ team and is assumed answered.
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