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  • AD5060 Ground Voltages

    Could you tell me which is the absolute maxim rating voltage between AGND
    and DACGND?


    0.3V is the normal maximum rating between grounds.
  • AD5060使用问题






  • AD5060 as replacement for AD5040

         Can the AD5060 be used as a drop-in replacement for the AD5040 -- e.g. not just pin compatible but would work in an existing application with its existing SPI sequences.

         Thanks, Bob

  • AD5060参考电压问题

    我使用AD5060 dac 芯片。



  • AD5060 Eval LabVIEW driver not working.


    I'm using the AD5060 Eval system and all works well when I use the supplied driver application, but when I switch to the LV driver I cannot get anything out of the device. The LV driver is not reporting any errors and it does find the board. I hooked…

  • Where should I connect DACGND of AD5060?

    AD5060 has two grounding pins: AGND and DACGND.

    DACGND is described as "DAC core ground input".

    I'm pretty accustomed to A/D circuits having different ground terminals for digital and analog parts, and if DACGND was labeled as "Digital ground…

  • What are the AD5060 command definitions?

    Hello All,

    Can someone tell me where to find the complete command definition information for the AD5060?

    I do not see a table like that in the AD5064 datasheet.

    Thanks In Advance,

    John W.

  • 关于AD5060的输出电流


  • What is the difference: AD5060, AD5061, AD5062 and AD5063?

    What are the differences between the AD5060, AD5061, AD5062 and AD5063 low voltage single channel 16-bit resolution DACs?