• Regarding the CRC function of AD4680

    Hi All,

    Regarding the CRC function of AD4680, How does it respond in the following two situations.
    1. If only CRC Read is enabled (CRC_W=0, CRC_R=1), How does AD4680 respond when MCU only sends 16 clocks to it and takes CS High after 16 clocks?

    2. If CRC…

  • How to evaluate AD4680

    Hi all,

    Can I use EVAL-AD738xFMCZ to evaluate AD4680 while just replacing AD738x with AD4680?

    I think they are the same package and pin-compatible, but there is no AD4680 ACE Plugin, so how should I evaluate AD4680?



  • AD4680: Is tQUIET always necessary for all the Fsclk?

    Hi All,

    I have two questions about AD4680.

    1)  Is the tQUITE in Figure 2 always necessary over the entire SCLK frequency range? 

        I understand we need a tQUITE time when using 40MHz SCLK to make sure 1Msps throughput, is tQUITE(500ns)  still required for…

  • AD7380/AD738x 80Mhz SCLK frequency


    The AD7380/AD738x datasheet uses the 80Mhz SCLK frequency. Can a lower frequency be used in the communication interface?


    AD738x has a throughput rate of 4MSPS.  Faster SCLK frequency enables to achieve a higher throughput rate.  The 80Mhz SCLK freq…

  • AD738x low latency feature


     The AD7380(AD738x family) has a low latency feature, how does this feature benefit the application?


    The AD738x conversion result is read on the next cycle following the conversion process. The AD738x family low latency feature allows the latest conversion…