• LT2380-24 (DC2289A + DC890B) acquisition issue

    I am trying to evaluate the LT2380-24 with the DC2289A-A for a diagnostic application and I am having some issues with the DC890B.

    When following the DC2289A-A manual for setup with PScope and the DC890B, I can verify that the converter is receiving CNV…

  • AD9364 - Toggling Sampling Rate between 24/48MHz

    I am using the following hardware setup:

    • Zedboard
    • FMCOMMS4

    I have been able to properly initialize the AD9364, and get/set the TX LO and sampling rate with the following functions

    • ad9361_init
    • ad9361_set_tx_lo_freq()
    • ad9361_set_tx_sampling_freq()

  • AD7730: Can't get 24-bit resolution

    I can't 24bit resolution from this part at an output data rate of 50Hz. Why?


    At an output update rate of 50Hz, you don't have 24bits of resolution
    You can use the noise tables on pages 10 and 11 of the datasheet to predict…

  • RE: ADC - 24 bits with frequency about 300 kHz

    Have you looked at the LTC2368-24. This is a 24-bit SAR ADC that can sample from 1SPS to 1MSPS.

  • ADuCM360, CRC-24 initial values

    Let me ask you for CRC-24 initial values. Datasheet contains only polynomial
    without initial values for computing 24-bit CRC. We need also accurate method
    for computing this CRC signature.


    The attached files should contain the information…
  • EMI Susceptibility in design with LTC2512-24 and LTC6363

    I am having issues with high levels of noise induced from EMI and looking for recommendation for mitigation. My PCB layout borrows many concepts from the DC2222 evaluation board layout, including:

    1. using a 4 layer board with the same layer designatio…
  • 2011-10-18 00:59:25     Attention: help forums are moving to the Analog Devices' EngineerZone Since Oct.24

    2011-10-18 00:59:25     Attention: help forums are moving to the Analog Devices' EngineerZone Since Oct.24

    Aaron Wu (CHINA)

    Message: 103913   

    Blackfin Toolchain/Linux/Uboot help forums are going to move to the Analog Devices' Engineering Zone Since Oct…

  • AD7175-2 250kSPS, 24-bit Sigma Delta ADC

    Q1. How do I interface to the ADC?

    A1. The AD7175-2 uses an 3 or 4 wire SPI interface.

    Q2. Can the part be used with CS tied low?

    A2. Yes. However, using the AD7175-2 with CS tied low makes the interface less robust to interference and can cause loss…

  • SNR LTC2378-20 LTC2380-24

    Hello everyone,

    I was trying to compare the SNR of these 2 ADCs: LTC2378-20 and LTC2380-24. Looking at the SNR vs frequency plot (pag6 LTC2378-20), pag 7 LTC2380-24) we can see that the SNR 

    becomes lower for higher frequencies for both ADCs. Initially…