• AD4630 Support with MATLAB


    Any example of how to start streaming with MATLAB. I am running AD4630-24 on a zedboard. So far I've managed to retrieve data using python but I would like to use MATLAB but Analog Devices Transceiver Toolbox does not seem to suport this model…

  • AD4630 with ACE software Voltage value

    I am using EVAL-AD4630-24 with Zedboard. I've just managed to open ACE but when I go to the waveform I cannot swithc from Count values to Voltage. How can I convert?

    Besides, I cannot change the average done by the card, is this standard?

  • RE: AD4630 EVAL (ACE) data export

    The EVB for the AD4630-24 hardware supports the 1-lane SDR SPI mode shown in the data sheet.  The AD4630 support in the ACE software can be use to configure the board for this, and other modes.

  • Continuous sampling on AD4630 and ZedBoard using python

    I'm using pyadi-iio interface for ad4630-24 with a ZedBoard as FPGA. I am sampling data continuous and logging it to a csv file. The logged data is continuous without missing a bit upto 1MSPS of sampling frequency but increasing sampling frequency…

  • Default filtering in Zedboard + AD4630


    I've recently purchased Zedboard + Eval-AD4630. The thing is that the ADC is 2MSps but I see the bandwidth is below 30kHz. As long as I sweep a sine signal I see a huge reduction in the acquisition above 20kHz when it should behave like this. Aby…

  • EVAL-AD4630 + ACE...reboot error

    I am trying to boot up the AD4630 Eval board with the ACE controlled. I get an error - AD4630 reset failed...

  • The AD4630 looks like a great part. Is ADI planning to launch a single channel version of this product?

  • RE: 24 GHz Radar project

    Hello chaturvedi_san, 

    This forum is for queries about the SDP platform. Were you able to find an answer to your Tiny Rad question elsewhere?

  • AD4030-24 in Single-Ended Mode?


    i want to use the new AD4030-24 24-Bit ADC in a Single-Ended Input configuration, to digitize a 0V to 5V signal.

    Unfortunately the Datasheet only says that it it possible to use the device in a Single-Ended configuration, but it does not tell how…

  • LT2380-24 (DC2289A + DC890B) acquisition issue

    I am trying to evaluate the LT2380-24 with the DC2289A-A for a diagnostic application and I am having some issues with the DC890B.

    When following the DC2289A-A manual for setup with PScope and the DC890B, I can verify that the converter is receiving CNV…