• AD421:环路供电型4 mA-20 mA DAC(中文版PDF)

    AD421:环路供电型4 mA-20 mA DAC


  • 环路供电变送器AD421/AD5421常见问题解答









  • AD421 HART Noise during silence

    We use the AD421 with a HART Modem. No we have problems with the HART noise
    during silence requirement. The AD421 produces an excessive noise level. We
    don't use the internal regulator of th AD421. The filtering / coupling is done
    according to…

  • 求推荐类似AD421的环路供电的电流源芯片,最好比AD421好


  • AD421 reflow temperature


    What's the re-flow temperature of AD421?

  • AD5421 low loop current support


    Our customer is currently using AD421 for the GAS detector(sensor node) application, but the customer requested to review AD5421 for price issue.

    AD421 is being used in the range under 3.2mA(0mA, 2mA, 3mA), but I want to make sure if AD5421 is applicable…

  • addressing ad421


    i've just started with the ad421. Well - in the moment it does not what it is supposed to do - instead it delivers 4mA constantly. For testing i tried to generate toggling 16 and 20 mA with a PIC16F1938. Under which conditions does the AD421 deliver…

  • AD421 instability

    I have a design that uses the AD421 in an optocoupled loop powered configuration.  When I breath on the AD421 circuitry the output rises substantially on a few of the boards. Has anyone else seen this effect?  What is going on?  How do I correct it?  The…

  • RE: We use two AD421 current source modules. We drive them via SPI  separately.  However, when outputs are connected to the same module's Analog inputs (same ground) the outputs measured with the same value.  Any idea for the solution please

    Hi there,


    Please correct my interpretation below if I have made any errors in my assumptions...

    From your drawing, you have 2 separate field supplies for your two AD421 devices and if you drive their respective SPI interfaces and program the parts…

  • RE: AD241 problem setting current

    Hello Victor,

    Can you provide a capture of the DATA, CLOCK, and LATCH pins for when you communicate with AD421?
    The LATCH signal should be pulsed before and after sending the 16 clock cycles. 

    Best regards,