• [AD5420] SPAN & ZERO TRIM control like as AD420


    Is there any way to control offset and gain error on AD5420 by external circuit like as AD420 (refer to page 10, on AD420 Data sheet)?

    Thank you for your help in advance.

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  • AD420 Unstable output voltage signal

    Hello! I have a problem with ad420 voltage output. I need VOUT=0-10V. 

    In my scheme i have 4 independent AD420.
    From 0 to 3 volts on the AD420 (6 volts after the amplifier) everything works stably. Increasing the voltage, the output signal starts to somehow…

  • AD7799 and  AD420 on same SPI



    om my board There is one ad7799 and ad420 .

    after setup ad7799 I realized that unlike ad7799 the ad420 need clock

    to be low in ideal state .


    is there any solution for this problem ?


    and as i see in ad420 it accept all data in Data in…

  • AD420 companion


    Does ADI have the companion chip to the AD420 4-20mA DAC that converts 4-20 into a digital value?

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  • AD421 data input interfacing with optocoupler

    how can i interface the AD420/1 digital inputs with optocouplers? Do you
    include Schmitt trigger on clock or data lines?


    We strongly advise that you use Schmitt triggers when interfacing the AD420 to
    opto-couplers. We have done extensive…
  • AD420: Accuracy of Vout

    I work on a AD420 based application. I wish to have a current and a voltage
    output with the same device. I made a prototype with your AD420, the current
    output works very well. But with the voltage output, I don't have a good
  • RE: 【每周一答】微信题目跟帖处(最后一波)


  • RE: AD5420AREZ Latch-Up During 4 KV Electrical Fast Transient Testing

    Thank You for the information provided and your efforts. At this time we will be using the AD420 for this particular project.

  • RE: AD5420 Power supplies

    Hi Jayant,

    The AD5422 doesn’t have trim pins like the AD420 so it cannot be trimmed like the AD420. If further trimming is required, it needs to be done in the firmware. On power up the part runs an internal calibration routine, so the user doesn’t need…

  • RE: AD420 Output Voltage Range +/- 2.5V


    Can you define what you mean by "proper output"?

    Is the AD420 giving the expected output to the positive terminal?

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